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Meet Jitendra Suna, a labour turnd resrch scholar.Once he usd 2 wrk as a labour in a gas agncy & nw he is pursuing his PHD in history frm JNU.Whn JNU adminstrtn has illegally incrsd d hostel fee thn tell me hw d ppl like jitendra can do their PhD.

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1. Entrance Arch (inside details) of main Cenotaph, Akbar's Tomb, Sikandra
2. Tomb ceiling details, Tomb of Akbar, Sikandra

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Hoo boy. @gautambhatia88@twitter.com tears into the 'Executive Court' run by ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi with a clarity & courage that nobody else comes close to.

Read this & weep, friends. And pray that CJIs to come read it & understand what they must do to fix things.

Sharing a few snaps of the Safdurjung Ka Maqbara in Delhi.

Safdarjung was the Wazir-ul-Hindunstan. This tomb was built by his son Nawab Shujaud Daula. Located at the junction of Safdarjung Road and Aurobindo Marg.
A sandstone and marble mausoleum built for the prime minister of the Mughal Emperor Ahmed Shah Bahadur. Built in 1754 in the late Mughal style. The Tomb was designed by an Ethiopian architect.


In my career, I’ve come across Serbian, Kosovan, Venezuelan, Peruvian individuals. They all knew more about Mahatama Gandhi then most Indians I’ve met.

Why I love mstdn.social?

Because our admin @stux is a superman who single handedly managing this instance and listens to the members here and swiftly acts!

Of course, I love small community rather than a crowded one :)

I have my issues with Nehru but this anecdote of him remembering Eklavya and having the Dronacharya statue removed from the NDA wins my heart.

Despite his flaws and mistakes, we were immensely lucky to have this man as our first Prime Minister.


β€œOver a dozen tax officials interviewed by Reuters said they are stuck between a push to meet unrealistic collection targets, which influence their appraisals and transfers, and the fear of being accused of over-zealousness if they crack down on evasion.”

From , we have this OLDEST surviving example outside of , the holy book of the .
The copy was produced sometime between 1660 and 1675, probably in or .
After the demise of the 10th and last at , in AD 1708, it was proclaimed that henceforth, there would be no Gurus and this book, the eternal Guru would be the guide for the panth (Sect).
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The ICSE board has dropped the story Jamun Ka Ped, by Krishan Chandra. The powers that be must be pleased: it seems they felt uncomfortable/threatened. Listen to RJ Sayema's wonderful narration. You will know why.



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