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Hi! I'm Leslie and I'm a Taiwanese-American comic artist and writer. I'm currently working on a comic called Snotgirl that I created with my friend Bryan (Google it.) My work centers around pretty girls wearing nice clothes. and feelings.

Can someone tell me what happened to all those French artists who drew a bit like Mokona Apapa did in the 90s??

Can we all just agree to step back and take a breather or a walk or a nap when we want to go off about something completely asinine online lol like I'm almost doing right now

I wish I still had the unbridled enthusiasm for documenting every single thing I do or draw like I did 10 years ago LOL when I was younger an also pretty much a completely different person

When I tell randos to stop doing a thing that is rude and hurtful, I don't need people who DON'T do that to tell me they're sorry it happens in the first place. You just gotta tell people that sometimes the rude shit they say is inappropriate.

I need Mr. Robot to come and fix the Nike server so I can buy new shoes

Also update on my protein shakes... I've gotten a bit more used to the unsweetened protein powder. I put in 100 ml of soy milk, 200 ml of water, 1 pitted date, unsweetened pea protein and it's preeeetty good

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I'm so tired from turkey but I'm catching up on Mr. Robot again and this season is SO GOOD. IT'S RIDICULOUS. IT'S SO TENSE AND AMAZING

I guess I have to watch Justice League and all those other DC movies to get my Superbat fix LOL

I'm like halfway through my second playthrough of Persona 5 and I'm like trying to date Ann again LOL EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY DATED HER

I THINK I did this with Pokémon Moon but for the opposite reason

I always reach this point in video games where I don't want to play anymore because I don't want it to be over LOL I did this with BOTW... Yakuza 0... Help

Unsweetened pea protein update: I’ve gotten pretty good at shotgunning my protein shakes LOL

Also if my protein powder toots are weird or confusing to you it's only because I've taken up working out a lot (I've always been very inactive and hated sports/working out) but I like it now LOL it helps a lot with my depression/sedentary lifestyle

I forgot I can post photos like this too! LOL took this pic with gudak cam, which mimics disposable film cameras and “develops” photos after 3 days and only after you’ve finished a roll

I made another bad protein shake today LOL I've accepted this part of my life and will live with it

Back to my protein shake that is the color of Grimace and tastes like peas

Also, I have a podcast with my friend Sloane where we talk about comics and talk to comics creators.

My hope I can have like a fresh start on mastodon and be able to talk to new people more! 👍

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