lol hope this doesn't make me sound like a murderer cuz it's definitely something a murderer could say

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i legitimately feel a lot of the things that really bring me joy aren't shared with many people and that's a pretty lonely feeling whenever i'm reminded of it

how the heck do I follow people here I've only ever followed back

lol looking at the public timeline is weird af

i want to be everything for everyone and that's probably going to destroy me someday

It saddens me to think in an alternate timeline where I never moved to LA I probably could have grown up to be a gross internet-right/anti-sjw type and been the kind of asshole that enables the bigotry & hatred we see coming into the mainstream now. If that Colin is out there somewhere, I'm sorry.

i like what I set my display name as but whenever it shows up on my feed I just keep thinking people are addressing me seriously. "colin."

wow ok gotta save some of these random thoughts for later, enjoy

I think part of the reason I'm low-key obsessed with Bayonetta this year is because a part of me wants to BE Bayonetta. That game made me question myself in deeper ways than I expected.

I was a pretty good essayist but I learned pretty fast that doesn't mean squat when trying to put a story on the page. The technical coldness of persuasive writing translated better to coding and then videogames happened?

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I used to want to be either a screenwriter or a novelist until I realized I can't write interesting fiction for shit. Yay!

LIke fun fact I have an irrational fear of dogs and cats, especially cats, and I've worked to get over it (especially because my parents got a dog), but the idea of having a pet still freaks me out a bit! I'd rather admire them from afar.

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What I'm trying to say is this is your chance to get to know me better if you want! I can't guarantee you'll like it but hey that makes it all the more exciting.

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anyways hi I guess I can be a bit more open on here for now bc so few people follow me and I don't need to worry too much about people I don't want seeing this side of me seeing this here. Wow run on sentence sorry.

I was wondering what the heck I should even post about on here and I guess my anxieties are a great place to start lol

my friend's dog just passed away so I texted them and I know I should let them grieve but I'm worried

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Hey I ain't planning on self-promoing here much but some of my games are in this massive bundle, 100% of the proceeds of which go to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU:


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