@leszek ooooh.... #SailfishOS 4.0 ? Wann kommt denn das raus? Da hast Du mich nun aber mal wieder angefixxxxt :))

@leszek I really hope Jolla won't make sandboxing available to third party apps until it is possible to accept & deny permissions separately. Android has shown how hard it is to switch from one permission model to another one once developers have settled on the first.

Completely utopian – but still handy – would be the possibility of providing selective/ fake data sources, like a limited view of th address book, or a faked location to certain apps.

PS: Congrats, it seems to me that your time in NZ is massively improving your English pronounciation.

@schmittlauch @leszek Without providing Fake Data many will fail forever. Lots of users use Apps that never get updated again.

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