Curious what people’s feels are on here about QR codes?

Installed Lynx (text-only, no JavaScript browser) and now I wish every website was optimized for this type of format. 😑

Took part of the day to get my bike ready for some fall cruising ☺️🚲🍁🍂

Saw this neat leave coloration on my walk with the dog today. The reaction diffusion pattern is really cool

This paper on using noise pollution as "fuel" for energy generation has my brain whirling with ideas:

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I want to be done with staying up late catching up on work. I want to be making silly useless beautiful things

Looking to buy a mechanical keyboard. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I'd love to snag a Purism laptop but good lord are they expensive 🤯

Using a Memoji as your profile pic is a sure sign you’re a tool.

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"Cats have over 100 sounds in their vocal repertoire, while dogs only have 10",

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Completed my little .chr(famicom sprite format) file viewer util for #plan9, added context menu for zooming.

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“…experience with nature is very much like experience with human beings. If one approaches another man with a fixed ‘theory’ about him as an ‘enemy’ against whom one must defend oneself, he will respond similarly, and thus one’s ‘theory’ will apparently be confirmed by experience.” — from Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm

Car subscriptions are a joke. Who has $700+ to drop on a car that you won't ever own every month? I'm looking at you Volvo 🧐

According to the internet, there hasn’t been a new case of COVID-19 in New Zealand since May 28th. That’s pretty impressive.


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