This article on monochromatic dithering techniques is amazing.

@neauoire you're welcome to adapt my atkinson dither C implementation any way you'd like:

@paul OOooh look at that the function is already there, lemme try it out :)

@neauoire it's growing on me as well. thanks for the suggestion :)

@neauoire @levibeach Biskwit, NeuQuant and Wu's Quantizers are also worth a look. While they focus on colour the techniques work on greys too. I use NeuQuant and Wu for converting between 24-bit and fixed palette spaces on Amiga:

Also Graphics Gems II is a hell of a book for this sort of thing:

@levibeach low tech magazine used dithered images in their low energy consumption redesign ( !

they said it makes images 10 times less resource-intensive, even though they are displayed larger than before

@mood oh wow! I love this!! 🤔 though I wish it maintained its pixel-perfection instead of blurring things a bit.

@levibeach yes, agree—it’s more “impressive” when it kinda masquerades as high res 😁

> Ditherpunk

So that's what it's called! I love it.

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