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If you don't have a blog. Start!

There is something really exhilarating about being linked to from other places. :)

i.e. gonsie.com/blorg/survey-org-je

Really happy to see mastodon source move to a GitLab instance. source.joinmastodon.org/users/ :)

We designed to solve one problem: plenty of good tools exist, but people have trouble finding and using them.

So we collected some of the best , packaged it in one system, and made it easy to use.

Here's a peek at some of our apps & services.

This writeup of my #LibrePlanet2018 keynote on BoingBoing is more eloquent and concise than the talk. Thanks to Cory for the awesome summary, reflections, and signal boost! boingboing.net/2018/06/21/digi

I just learned that the instance is not limited to the Debian project but open for any Free Software project. In case you are looking for a (new) home, I think Debian is a great place to be. salsa.debian.org

Attention #debian and #python people: If you're using Debian Testing (Buster) and updated recently, Python's `venv` module is broken. See the bug report here for a filthy hacky workaround: bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrep

plz boost

We've got 3 new opportunities to join our team!

- Fundraising Director
- Project Manager for Network Projects
- Project Manager with Product Exp

These full-time positions can be performed remotely or from our office in Seattle. torproject.org/about/jobs

Oh. Remember that thing I said about the BlenderFoundation thing being a good moment for peertube to shine?


Tomorrow I’m going to visit Baku for the first time since we left 24 years ago. Really excited to discover where I was born.


@switchingsocial first time I am seeing your website, very great resource, thank you!

I wrote a thing about time complexity. I can't decide if I'm prouder of the article or the title doodle. (^ー^)


I'm probably way behind, but it looks like GNOME finally got rid of cgit. gitlab.gnome.org/explore/group yay!