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@pawnshopheart exactly. just shay on a well path. things may be bad, but a turn is right around the corner 😚

@pawnshopheart no worries. been in those paths. still go to them. but tomorrow is another day 😘

right. enough talk about throwing Vs for no reason in pictures & massaging people to calm them down.

think its bedtime. work tomorrow evening

nite nite

@pawnshopheart about to go to sleep after work. bit tired

@knxggles if you lived nearer, i would have rubbed 😉

i may be just some weird horse. but i dont understand when people are throwing up the 'V's' in pictures

why has this become the norm. is this a club people are in?
a welcoming throw to get free crackers & cheese?
signing for sex?

i actually dont understand why people have cum dripping from fingers doing this sign in any picture

more than likely people are doing it without a known meaning. people are sheep. sheepeople i say


@heyitseric i do have about 6 different albums & a new 3/4 hour live set in the works 😁

@knxggles oh well. indeed. i dont know whether its too early or late for the help of someone else 😂
time will decide

i dont know why but people seemed to be attracted to me. i never understand it.
but the fabulous drag queen at my work has already asked if i can be kept for work from now on.
but even when folk talk to me. im just a person that is just being themselves but also i am a person that is like a child that has not experienced anything. so never really take cues on stuff. but also never give a shit.

i just be me. which in 1 way can be bad from my language. but also more fun 😁

@knxggles you need to rub harder... or less... or have someone else rub. then the gay may fade away for the day.

boosh. rhymes at the end. 😁

@heyitseric pretty much most of my releases are free with a 'you can pay what you want' thing on them.
though patreon folk get the paid ones as a thanks for backing 😁

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@lewislepton i've been meaning to tell you this for weeks now! i absolutely love your "smoking bunny" album from your patreon. it is my go-to album for when i need deep focus and concentration! you are so talented buddy - i hope you keep creating!

and to all you knuckleheads out there who haven't checked out lewis' patreon yet, GO NOW: patreon.com/lewislepton/posts

@knxggles damn those blasted switches messing with busy fingers. they have things to do

finished work. now chilling with a & no fucking cunting - that can go get fucked

@knxggles it may wear off. you may need to rub some moisturiser on the affected area 😁