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lewis lepton in 2d + 1d @lewislepton@mastodon.social

well... ive had a pretty damn good & dirty weekend with the boyfriend, plus was working. now, i need to find my way home from wakefield. but first, ill tidy the boyfriends flat whilst they are at work. theyre away tomorrow until friday, so its one less thing for them to worry about

i totally forgot i randomly ordered this tshirt one morning a few weeks ago 😋

i totally forgot i randomly ordered this tshirt one morning a few weeks ago 😋

no thanks. i want to pay to clean my inbox.

many euphemisms with that sentence


well surprisingly ive not got an email regarding cutting small youtube channels monetisation. not sure if i will get it, still time. but really, i have the public to thank for that.
its you that help myself to live. even if its a small amount that does come in from monetisation

seriously @Vimeo - i do like you. i just wish your plus features were in the basic features

so yeah...
talking to a person doing a door to door job when im completely naked with eye shadow cover my face like a slutty panda whilst i can slightly feel a hangover creeping up into my brain balls, using an oversized scarf to shield me from hanging half out the door talking about gas & electricity costs is not my theme of what i want to spend doing.
but it was fun to let them down... just a bit.

right i need some breaunch. or as others call it eating breakfast & lunch together

@lewislepton i have a 4 picture limit to upload on whatever im using that i cant remember. but yeah, many cars were written on 😂😘

well last night was goodp treated out for dinner by the big bosses, got myself a wee penguin filled with ice cream, had a few drinks, then wrote 'cunt' on everyones car that lives near me. good night indeed.

what should i name the penguin? its currently now filled with mints 🐧

@lewislepton another photo just now showing off because i feel goooooooooooooooooooood

dont know why im glamming up. going to a work do & decided to do my eyes with shadow for some reason

My (limited) experience with point and click adventure games in a nutshell
(img src: reddit.com/r/gaming/)

ok. finished editing of new - but unhappy i dont have more to upload. so will wait until i have more [i always want at least 3 to edit & upload] tomorrow when the weather is supposedly nicer

we should stop calling it 'triple A'. instead i suggest 'dribble A' games.
since they seem to now want to dribble out content & dribble out as much money out from your wallet for things that should already be in the finished game.
ive coined it ;)


@lewislepton heres a picture of all my colors. funnily not as many as some were used & abused so much i ran out 😋

i think there are 27 in total. with 2 that are the same 😊