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on my way to work one day I heard someone shout 'FAGGOT' at me.
I turn around & its a person around 15/17 years old, standing across the road.

without much thought I said 'oh yeah? well at least I don't have java installed on my computer...'

the person didn't know what to say & walked off in utter confusion. I continued on to open up the shop, which was only a few steps from where this happened - laughing for the rest of the day. it was also sunny, so double bonus.

jokes about butts are called humorrhoids!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

day 03 night-time of pulsing my face with photons:
so I'm doing this as much as possible as I don't want to reach months upon months. but do electric shave then do this pulsing, which I do feel is working. but it's trying to break things down as much as possible for results. I will rest for a few days thru the weekend

doing it at least once a day, but aim for twice. but wow I can feel things working as it can pinch at times & even smell that burning hair smell lightly sometimes.

smooth skin πŸ˜‹

that wondering 'why the hell am I cleaning my room at this hour?' as mario kart looks at the back of my head in disgust I've only now cleaned my room after weeks upon weeks

I don't know why I'm going to watch - its such a fucking shitty documentary. but I love how they think they are right in a sea of wrong

I have found a website that sells 'pride kilts' and I have to say these are fantastic.

They are quite expensive, but here is a link:

intelligence is sexy, but two hard throbbing intelligences at the same time is even sexier

I do hope this in glow in the dark like the person said. not too bad if not as it has that pop I wanted πŸ˜‹

also got hold of some new - picked up cruelty free mua disco rave type shadows & having a mini blast on them & testing different variations

as you can tell I'm having an affair with right now & do genuinely love the - but just don't tell the other - they may stuff me in a hair dye pack or a bottle of πŸ˜‰

finished - went for - not permanent but do have plenty to do touch ups when needed

really happy with the & have been meaning to do green again for too long

yes, I have also dyed my skin as well. but that will come out in the next day or so. ah well πŸ˜‹

started the - now what color do I do... well,

obviously I know, I hope. its on my head... I think.

I guess thats why I have a plastic bag on my head... maybe

or its just one of those days 😁

bleached & ready to put on a new color - but oh ho ho what color will it be this time round?
my only clue is that it's semi permanent this time, sadly

I don't know if this is how graphs are supposed to work :blobderpy:

Really wish I could go play with the doggo who I always hear barking when I am at home. We should be friends.

Brady had the official license, but they held back the good shit for the edition where Blizzard didn't get a cut

boost if you’re

-a homosexual
-really gay
-attracted to the same sex
-a little gay
-not straight

no one will ever know which one

may be shitting in my own bed with this. But the community person decided for personal reasons to not continue.
I originally went for this position as its community blah, sure it has a selling factor to it, but an avid user & advocate for the platform. Plus make tutorials as well
wonder whether ill get contact back regarding this position? Because whilst I didn't get it first time, was told they liked my enthusiasm & drive
I do wonder. But in reality I really need work & more so money

friend was supposed to come. but really, I quite like my time to meander around in my own head & randomly chatting to people.

I've had days upon days of talking to folks. so this is like my break from people.
really I should remind them, but I don't like doing that if they have missed all the times I've invited them

really, I'd like some new friends to join me. fresh conversation

hey ho