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on my way to work one day I heard someone shout 'FAGGOT' at me.
I turn around & its a person around 15/17 years old, standing across the road.

without much thought I said 'oh yeah? well at least I don't have java installed on my computer...'

the person didn't know what to say & walked off in utter confusion. I continued on to open up the shop, which was only a few steps from where this happened - laughing for the rest of the day. it was also sunny, so double bonus.

involves silly poorly drawn cartoony spooging cocks 

boob equality is everyone gets boob

boob equity is everyone gets the exact amount of boob that the individual desires, including none

thank you goodnight

I don't know who this cat is but they have provided me with a lot of good energy today

@celesteh Getting Wine to work is like learning how to throw yourself down a flight of stairs without hurting yourself:
You have no idea how you did it once you have done it.
And while kinda cool it doesn't feel worth it.

Whilst some [& them] might find my stern repeating to be much. It is serious.
So when I knew someone is bullshitting me about a serious subject like what has gone on, I won't have it.
It's irresponsible, dangerous & outright selfish.

To think that something like that can go on & not feel or think that it would not have consequences is fucking ridiculous

So yeah, I may be overboard in my repeating, but there is a reason as to why

I'm not going to die [again] from something as careless as that

They got home & after we said our 'hows your day'. I went into my motion of telling them what theyre doing is dangerous.
They kept trying to say things that had nothing to do with it & me reiterating 'it is dangerous & should not happen'.
They said about they were unpacking from London. But theyd been back near 2 weeks. I just kept repeating, more stern each time 'it cant happen, it is dangerous'

Any nut allergy sufferer knows, its dangerous & FUCKING annoying when people dont take it seriously

this is not 1 accordance either. its many, on different subjects. but this for me, is a real kick.
just more because it does affect life.

worst of all its my boyfriends friend for many years. but even he has seen that he doesn't like them much anymore because of their treatment towards others that are not them.

fuming right now, regarding a house mate has recently brought nuts into the house. I'm deathly allergic to nuts. we've told them that having nuts into the house is not a good idea many times.

more fuming because its cross contamination im afraid of. I dont want to die [again] & dont want to repeat myself again for the 5th time.

I can't wait til they get home because im sick of how they treat myself & my boyfriend in these little ways & think its not a problem

I will be using this account more since I have more things to post lately

some of the visuals from my visual playground I'm building for the band that's asked me.
using openFrameworks, OSC & im very happy so far.

still plenty ways to go. but so far, things are working very well & are incredibly fast

ill also be teaching this in future openFrameworks epode[s]

little quick thought: I really dont like Piers Morgan.
Id fire him out a cannon, into another cannon, that fires into a crowd of cannons made out of cannons.
But each cannons filled with cacti & thick urine. the type of urine that only happens when you dont drink water, but only coffee for a week.
then the last cannon would fire him right into a brick wall wearing a vest of active dynamite

so yeah... dont like him much

lets remove this utter cunt bag from TV & stop him from promoting his hatred to things he does not like


I've been using it for the past month more & do feel it has helped people realise what the hell I do behind the scenes.
mainly me playing with toys until something feels right ;)

ive finally opened up to using the youtube community tab ive had for a long time.
I figured since many won't know me on certain things like tweetsphere or on other social network things. it worth using it.

plus it shows what is being done.
since my Patreon backers are the only ones that really see what has been done since they get early episodes. it does feel unfair that the public doesn't get to know what's coming up. generate interest ;)

so far its going well & I'm enjoying it more

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