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Trans women gave you:
- smartphones and other mobile devices
- electronic music
- the LGBT rights movement

You gave trans women:
- underpaid porn jobs

not gonna lie. im feeling pretty goddamn terrible.
pure awful.

just got in from my bar job needing to cry. which i did.

someone did notice that something was wrong & did ask. they asked if it had to do with them, which it doesnt, its all me.
did nearly make me cry because its a question that bring up a lot in my mind.

i just feel terrible, i want to move away, want to just get away. but being poor doesnt help at all. really doesnt 😢

particle system system working with lubos lenco zui library to test what you can do

now ill get the right settings & put into & test further then upload the revised file to play


put up android version that folks have to install in themselves

also updated html version


right. i really think its bedtime

morn morn folk 😁 😪 😴

would anyone be interested to try an android version of - still needs work, but it does work.

just more to see how well it works on other android devices.
ill stick a download on the @itchio page if people want to try it out. then you can copy it over as you please.
ive sorted touch controls. ill be replacing things with buttons since it currently says to press space to start

file is only 532kb, yes 532kb. thats really small. the wonder of

updated my - now have touch functions. will update with more when the time is right 😀


pushed a nice big update to
now includes menus. score count & loads of small things you wont really see.

its still a hidden link as its not fully finished, but ive updated the page a ton as well & talking about the future plans for the & what we will be doing

comments are on, so if you have anything to say, you can say it on that 😁

have fun 😉


wanna enjoy some fun based... errr... fun

well i released an EP a few months back, made only with casiotone keyboards. i quite like it myself because its

it was also really fun to make. nothing but pure audio, no midi or any of that other stuff.
me likes bending those waves 😀



posted update on im planning.
EVERYTHINGS been thrown out & started again for something much better.

we will be making a game from start to finish, even building for & , also for & posting it on for others to play.
the game in question is - the kha version of the fun wee game . if you have seen my recent videos & screenshots, then you know where were going.


best comment so far in my .
instead of doing 'hello world', i done 'hello you sexy bitch'.

also my response is just having fun. but i guess some just cant laugh at silliness, things are too serious


anyone want to try a super slim version of

here is the secret link. shhh, its a secret

plenty more to add in, just want folk to play with what ive done in about a days work.
would of had more done, but got caught up trying to make other cack for it 😀

got DEATH PANELS working. need to smooth. sound is on, sprite change working

also cut back on trying to lfip sprites. will do that in another thing, or build upon this so they do it properly.

all in all, its feeling good


DEATH PANELS. they move. but need some smoothing. plus need to be off screen first. then pop in when the first hit happens.
gonna work on flipping sprites as well rather than rotating


neck & back paint still very much hurting me. the neck pain is getting me more down than the back, since its affecting my head more :grin:

no - possibly not for a while. really gutted.

does still make me feel sad. still feeling pretty sad.

though trying to solve that with some & conversions

gonna have a wee look at - just more to get my mind flowing. its pretty still right now & its annoying me

the one problem i have with for loops in is for - you cant get the same effect as you can with the 'usual' for loops