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& steps to make a , & or simply ;)

Takes only about 10 minutes in total.

In total this cost around £1.30 for 2 sandwiches & have still another half of the left ready to cook for more.

Enjoy ;)


massive good shop done. picked up some pretty nice deals. Lidl is just one of my favourite shops to get a lot of products. whilst it doesn't do everything, which is fine. for the basics & sometimes some special things its pretty damn great

now, gonna make a facon, tomato & lettuce sandwich for lunch with some nice coffee. I'll post up the recipe later on 😘

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rarrr can hear the sky roaring & the rain pattering

& steps to make these damn fine & badass that are done in about 30-40 minutes.
try different ways & ingredients that suit what you want. This is what I used this time. But will change each time. Next time ill be trying out & using ;)

In total this cost around £2.50 for 2 separate servings.
Enjoy ;)


@lewislepton read my mind. i was gonna ask for a recipe. ❤️

of - refined the & took out plenty & replaced with much more & - tastes much better & now takes less & differently to make it turn out much better
Have another waiting on the side just in case 😍

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Quod Erat Demonstrandum

I just seem to be getting thinner everytime I breathe.
I've walked 15 miles today just to find these as I need them for next week. I even have a voucher for £75 for given to me, but not one piece of supposed 'skinny' trousers fitted. I looked like a crayon wearing a bit bag

gotta run a email errands & walk a few miles to go pick up work trousers for Monday. as long as the weather is good & I have music, everything should be good. I may try to get all my food shopping done, but that can wait til tomorrow if I dont get it done today 😋

photos from last night before I went out & before we started our rounds til 11pm.
surprisingly quiet, but good to chat to folks, the police & making sure everyone is safe, is having a good time & enjoying the sun.
oh & also enjoying the sweets we hand out if people ask 😋

Another gorgeous day. Can everyday be this sunny and warm please?

good day today. plenty done, got my replacement cardigan, fits much better & is damn comfy.
got hold of ingredients to make 'pulled pork' burgers & created some damn fine homemade food with some gorgeous sriracha fries.
ate WAY too quickly though 😋

but then headed out with the angels of freedom for our time out on the scene & making sure folks are safe & having a good time.

plus, its been an awesomely sunny day.

I think I might have to start a fashion label called 'tall skinny cunts', I would be the major purchaser. which is useful since I'd own the label 😋