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on my way to work one day I heard someone shout 'FAGGOT' at me.
I turn around & its a person around 15/17 years old, standing across the road.

without much thought I said 'oh yeah? well at least I don't have java installed on my computer...'

the person didn't know what to say & walked off in utter confusion. I continued on to open up the shop, which was only a few steps from where this happened - laughing for the rest of the day. it was also sunny, so double bonus.

today is the day I break my fast.
with 7 days juicing fast & 1 day water fast. I've felt great & feel I could go on another day.
but I done a final weigh & I am 9 1/2 stone. I don't need to lose anymore & really didn't in the first place.
so after my morning walk, I made porridge with berries & oat milk.
just now gonna have the fresh bread I made last night 😉

was really yummy I must say 😋

also as well. another reason im gonna end it earlier than 10 days is because ive lost a lot of weight. I was already just over 10 stone by a tiny amount & now I'm 9 & a half stone. that is in 5/6 days I've lost that weight. plus im over 6 foot tall.

so I feel its a good idea to stop on Tuesday just so things don't go too far.
though I am thinking to do a water fast on Monday just as a final nail in this.
then that is the last test of this fast

ive been that bored I tidied my office & it isn't that bad

so I've been doing this juicing fast for nearly 10 days now.

I gotta say, I'm so fucking bored. I went past the point of wanting food by day 2/3. but just bored of doing it.
juice fruit & veg to then drink. its all just boring to me now. but im breaking this on Tuesday, since that makes up the point on the first day I had the tiniest bit of food due to headaches.
plus it makes the time done for sure.

but Tuesday evening im making pizza & eating it all to myself & everyone else can fuck off ;)

Admittedly I have lost a bit of weight as well, which i don't really to lose. I just scrapped in over 10 stone & am now at 9 & 3 quarters.
Plus I'm over 6 foot tall.
But all in all, it's been good.
Just morning walks before I start work & but feeling damn good. 😉

I've been a juicing fast. Only drinking juice veg & fruit. Was the boyfriends idea, but he stopped after 2 days. I'm on the 4th
Gotta say its not been to bad apart from the the very first day where I had a huge headache. That did see me having something small to eat. But after that, I've been great.
At least the juicer is getting used often 😁

This is to go to 10 days in total, but I'll be adding on a day since that first evening was broken

Biggest piece is still drinking plenty of water

So I finally decided to go to the doctor's to ask about fixing back pain, plus head stuff.
Wow, pretty funny how you can just unload troubles right away like that to someone you don't know.
But they were nice & helpful. Way nicer than the previous doctors at the previous address

Elevator pitch:
Chess, but not boring.

👍🏼 or 👎🏼 ?

(CW: Animated / Flashing)

Soya Ball Bites

- Soya balls-3 cup
- Veg/Chicken/Beef flavour stock-8 cup
- Oil-3 tbsp
- Salt & Pepper
- Soy sauce-3 tbsp
- Chilli flakes
- Pulled pork seasoning

Soak soya balls in stock 20 mins
Add soy sauce/oil/salt/pepper. Mix & soak for 10 mins
Drain water, mix chilli & pulled pork seasoning
Place on tray, oven set 150 degrees. Check every 10 mins until crispy on outside, soft in middle


Roasted sunflower seeds⁣
⁣- Sunflower seeds - As many as you want
⁣- Water⁣
⁣- Paprika⁣
⁣- Chilli Powder⁣
⁣- Salt & Pepper⁣
⁣- Oil - tbsp⁣
Dampen seeds with water, don’t drown.
⁣Add paprika, chilli powder, salt & pepper to taste & oil. Add more if needed.⁣ Mix.
⁣Spread on tray & pop in oven set at 150 degrees.⁣
⁣Mix every 10 minutes until seeds have dried & become lightly crispy⁣

shader tutorial 032 - We create a scan effect on an image. Great for 2d graphics in games or other 2d based graphics

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