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on my way to work one day I heard someone shout 'FAGGOT' at me.
I turn around & its a person around 15/17 years old, standing across the road.

without much thought I said 'oh yeah? well at least I don't have java installed on my computer...'

the person didn't know what to say & walked off in utter confusion. I continued on to open up the shop, which was only a few steps from where this happened - laughing for the rest of the day. it was also sunny, so double bonus.

Doom was released 25 years ago today. It was about 2.39 MB, the size of an average webpage today. News sites average closer to 8 MB.

Please shotgun the javascript demons and make more efficient & accessible websites.

My cat struggled for half an hour to kick this medical cone off but it wouldn't move so he collapsed like this and stared off into space, contemplating his new life. I made it into a cookie.

Fancy controller diagram for a fancy fancy display. :) #gameDev

CW: Glitchy

please give me the validation that twitter always fails to give me

#mastoart #creativetoots #originalcharacter #oc

Editing was gonna happen tonight.
But the holy saint, John McClane came down, handed me & my boyfriend Irish coffee liqueurs & joined us to watch his reenactment of the time he saved many people, including his wife from bad people in a tower.
It was moving, we hugged

Lema fell asleep before nakatomi plaza was freed by John McClane

Doing the next Christmas thing with lema...
Watching die hard, WHICH HE HAS NEVER SEEN!!!1!! & drinking a wee bit more


#Mastercard #advertising with a woman that had 1 day of vacation in over 5 years!
What the actual fuck capitalism.

Doing Christmas stuff. Drinking mulled wine & watching Scrooged. Oh yes, Bill Murray

I think if I wanted to be tried by a law, even my ones that don't exist anyone.

I'd be tried by buggery, or by one that taunts cats too much with string. One or the other, I'm not fussed

What would you choose?

The money shot of the cooked lasagna. Seriously the best I've made.

Christ lema & I are doing the gayest thing now. We have started a new Instagram account but for our vegan baking & cooking. With instructions & all that cack. Also it's nut free, since will die a thousand deaths

On Instagram its: @leolewcooking

I'll see about getting things up here as well


Made vegan lasagna for tonight's delight

for Christmas for my mother. I decided to be added to her 'rogues gallery' which is an array of photos of the family.
there is one of myself at aged 3 or so.
this Christmas I have an update for her.

with me aged now 33 [very soon 34] she gets a new photo for the gallery

I got lema to do the photo, since he has a really good camera.

should get prints in the next few days


I see much on trans women, that they are women & to be respected

but remember...

• there are trans men
• trans men are men
• they are relevant
• need to be respected
• they go thru hardships as well & do need support just as much

all too much I see news on only trans women regarding trans rights etc. this is wrong.
there is & always will be trans men & trans men need to also be respected in the same light & given that chance to say what they want

Making hash browns for breakfast. Seeing how this fairs 😅

Amazing that I bought these 4 games for just over £5 in great condition

still need to do shopping for my mum & step dad - but thats easy & I know exactly what ill get them ;)

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