I've been a juicing fast. Only drinking juice veg & fruit. Was the boyfriends idea, but he stopped after 2 days. I'm on the 4th
Gotta say its not been to bad apart from the the very first day where I had a huge headache. That did see me having something small to eat. But after that, I've been great.
At least the juicer is getting used often 😁

This is to go to 10 days in total, but I'll be adding on a day since that first evening was broken

Biggest piece is still drinking plenty of water


Admittedly I have lost a bit of weight as well, which i don't really to lose. I just scrapped in over 10 stone & am now at 9 & 3 quarters.
Plus I'm over 6 foot tall.
But all in all, it's been good.
Just morning walks before I start work & but feeling damn good. πŸ˜‰

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