lately Ive been getting back into my creative/interactive coding. which I've been happy doing.
it does have to do with the fact I'm teaching lessons on it. but I am getting more inspired of late. which im damn happy about.

ive also been asked to do visuals for a few gigs with a band I know. so im going to create the software for it, but also show me building it as well.

so after years of being away from it. im getting back into my visuals concerts/installations stuff again. ;)


for years I done this. so its nothing new. but im happy to now get back into doing visuals for gigs.

not shitty visuals either using only movies. but creating shapes using code & generating things, plus with reactive shapes etc.
I feel I need to work for my wage, rather than cut things short & use movie footage.

even been playing with using the kinects to read audience data to then affect the visuals as well.

looking forward to teaching this ;)

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