was I called a fascist & rightist fuck?
ok then?
I assumed you misread, because the response is not in the post, but I can still see what you typed about me.
I literally feel sorry for Americans that have to vote soon.
ive family that live in America, im worried.
if youre wondering who was the perfect candidate that didnt have a very sketchy past, id of voted & was rooting for Bernie Sanders.
theyre left, stand for things that help people & wanted peace.
who doesnt want that?

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I'm not calling you out to message back though. but you can privately. if you wanna chat.
but I am & have been fighting for an ACTUAL left party to lead my own country for YEARS.
I don't want a centre, because I've seen how that works already with Labour.
I want the rich properly taxed, companies to pay tax, more nurses & doctors & better healthcare.
even in a centre society, I'll still be fucked. change is needed

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Also as well. A bit xenophobic to call me a foreign fascist. Because where I'm from doesn't have anything to do with it

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