howdy all

feel ive broken a wall I ran into quite a bit lately. just being creative etc.

I don't know about you. but I'm tired. very fucking tired. but not only that. fucking pissed off, annoyed & just dumbfounded that things in this world are what they are at such a severed rate.

lately Ive felt like nothing but wanting to scream.

I got a lot on my chest. I need to let go of. so im now channeling that into my newest music.
feeding the beast & feeling better

hope to share something soon

these are personal things as well. very personal at times. but im tired of not being able to talk about it. so im going to do it in my music from now on.

I cant be fucked holding back anymore

whilst ive done this before in other projects, it was no where as mean as this currently is

my aim is for live shows. because its supposed to be a community based rising & supposed to be amongst others may understand what im talking about. to shed your pain amongst friends

Show thread

I dont think this will be linked with my solo project stuff. though im not sure. but id like to have a band for the live shows. that's whats I know for sure.
even though these are my songs, its good having input from other great musicians to help along & build upon as well

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