howdy all

feel ive broken a wall I ran into quite a bit lately. just being creative etc.

I don't know about you. but I'm tired. very fucking tired. but not only that. fucking pissed off, annoyed & just dumbfounded that things in this world are what they are at such a severed rate.

lately Ive felt like nothing but wanting to scream.

I got a lot on my chest. I need to let go of. so im now channeling that into my newest music.
feeding the beast & feeling better

hope to share something soon

@lewislepton Yes, 2020 is a mess..
Looking forward to hear your upcoming music though! Please keep us updated here πŸ™ πŸ™

@matiaslavik thanks bud. aye, its a mix of this year, but also a lot of the years living where I do & all that cack as well. plus some poems im gonna shift over if it fits.
so I'm going for a nice broad range of things 😘

im looking forward to this. even in a music sense. its sort of letting everything go to rebuild from the ground up.
in a way, its me starting again, but with this fresh head.

feels good to finally let go of things. wish I done it sooner. but I guess I done it in other forms πŸ‘

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@lewislepton Well, that sounds like a good recipe for making music and other creative stuff :)

Hope your fresh start will be a good one! πŸ‘
Remember to take care of yourself and not work too hard though! Looking at everything you've been doing until now (tutorials, music, etc.) it looks like you made yourself quite busy 😡

@matiaslavik tdatnks. just saw you got the Pigeons track. thanks. means a lot β™₯️

funnily. this is possibly just under half of the music I have actually made & produced

oh yeah. taking my time. running with what I have & not forcing 😘

@lewislepton That one really has a pigeon feel to it! :D Also liked the "Pulse & Response" album quite a lot!

Good to hear! πŸ˜„

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