just wondering something.
im near having everything setup for this new music project. just waiting on some odd gitlab errors that have taken away my ability to launch the domain. very odd.

anyhow. I would like to do some cross-platform posting. so things are on twitter, instagram etc. im only doing a few socials, need to keep it simple for now.
but is there anything available to help with this. so only post something once, but it can do it for the other platforms, including here



ive set up the account anyhow. if push comes to shove ill just have to do a copy paste job.
this won't be spam though. I only plan to post up things music or spoken word based.

its all good. ill share the stuff once its all up & running & I got a track or 5 to put up.

though have rough finished 5 tracks, which span just over an hour. got about 5 more tracks I want to do. this is a big release. its been fun. πŸ‘

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im even looking at CD pressing as well. I know its something that's maybe overboard. but I really would love to have a proper pressing of my music. especially music im really happy about.
if I had the money id do a vinyl release as well. but CD is good enough, along with digital..
id like to put in pictures, writing, lyrics etc in as well, have something that is a collectable as much as something to really tune & chill/headbang out to 😘

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also ordered myself a master notebook for music now. I have so many that I picked up & wrote 1 or 2 things. so im gonna have a master. plus bought new pens.
there is a lot to write down of what to remember & I do want to write down the tabs for things. make it easier to teach others.

because I really need a band for this to work fully when live πŸ˜‚

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