me in my new bad ass hat 

I hate people that give us shit 

sun bathing 

just sent an email, but that bounced back. which made me laugh. luckily I had other means to contact

its one to a project I had worked on for a long while. I mean on & off for 3/4 years. I was the sound designer for it & was even asked to chime in on other things thru development.
this has been on my mind to follow up since its gone silent a lot. I never got paid for any work

I really wanted to just leave it. but you know what, id rather get a shun, rather than not asking at all.

stupid twat ankle 

awful leg image 

This was the most fun thing I saw in London at our stopover before heading off to Brighton

oooh OTO is in the top row for the new & popular on itch. im happy about that ;)


Made vegan cheese. Pretty damn sexy I must say & 'yes' it does melt. 😘

Completely free from oil, soy & nuts.

Enjoy these sexy pictures.
I'll be starting a food account so I can keep track much better & share these awesome creations with the mastodon community. I'll let you all know.

Ingredients & methods will be given.

more tests & new features for are underway - things are near done, just want to make sure that things are as sexy & easy as possible.
this is NOT my music [sorry I cant remember who, but its from the community]

Done a new recipe for when making tofu, trying something so its pre-flavoured & has a little bit of a kick to it when you finally get to devour it

Looking forward to trying it out

a little thing I have worked on today for a kha game tutorial series I want to do.
just getting my ideas down so I can work on them later on when I can plan even more. have many other designs ready I want to do.

looking forward to getting these ideas down in terms of a final series & something people can play

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