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• moving entity is an image affected by image shader, which can play with all manners of colors including effects
• static entity is simple shape being affected by color shader. can also have effects

coming to a tutorial soon

what do we have here?

multiple entities that have a shader on each that changes color... ooooooh

coming to a soon

Lema & I are now at my mum's & step dad's for the Christmas holidays. Tonight we started by eating a great amount of lush vegan food especially made for us.
& What is planned for the actual Christmas dinner sounds utter lush

Lema fell asleep before nakatomi plaza was freed by John McClane

Christ lema & I are doing the gayest thing now. We have started a new Instagram account but for our vegan baking & cooking. With instructions & all that cack. Also it's nut free, since will die a thousand deaths

On Instagram its: @leolewcooking

I'll see about getting things up here as well


Made vegan lasagna for tonight's delight

for Christmas for my mother. I decided to be added to her 'rogues gallery' which is an array of photos of the family.
there is one of myself at aged 3 or so.
this Christmas I have an update for her.

with me aged now 33 [very soon 34] she gets a new photo for the gallery

I got lema to do the photo, since he has a really good camera.

should get prints in the next few days


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