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@irisjaycomics I loved fury road as well.

mad max 2 is fantastic though. yeah. thunder dome... good for a Sunday smoke, chill & watch some comedic nonsense

@Sdfendor same here. we are no better in the UK, actually England. Scotland & Wales & Ireland are being sensible.
horrible here. im Scottish in England, getting shit for being Scottish.
plus dont want to get yet another centre point government in with labour. we need left governments & laws to help people thrive. punish the companies properly & have things prosper.
but sadly id have to move to get such things. which I dont mind 😘
aye. lets hope November brings good results & VERY positive change

@Sdfendor aye its such a damn shame. true shame that THESE? are the choices.
what one person said which made me hopefu, but laugh. is that Biden gets into office but gives it sanders.
aye, id rather Biden over trump, believe me.
I have family over in the states & im worried.
aye, lesser of 2 evils. but hopefully Biden will be a more receptive person with the proper people behind him. I want Bernie as their VP at the very least.
honestly, from all my heart, im looking out in hope for you all

Also as well. A bit xenophobic to call me a foreign fascist. Because where I'm from doesn't have anything to do with it

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I'm not calling you out to message back though. but you can privately. if you wanna chat.
but I am & have been fighting for an ACTUAL left party to lead my own country for YEARS.
I don't want a centre, because I've seen how that works already with Labour.
I want the rich properly taxed, companies to pay tax, more nurses & doctors & better healthcare.
even in a centre society, I'll still be fucked. change is needed

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was I called a fascist & rightist fuck?
ok then?
I assumed you misread, because the response is not in the post, but I can still see what you typed about me.
I literally feel sorry for Americans that have to vote soon.
ive family that live in America, im worried.
if youre wondering who was the perfect candidate that didnt have a very sketchy past, id of voted & was rooting for Bernie Sanders.
theyre left, stand for things that help people & wanted peace.
who doesnt want that?

racism. fucking amazon 

This has been changed recently. But it's been up since march. That's just not right, at all.

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racism. fucking amazon 

seriously. we need to be done with amazon.
I'm done now & have been done for a long time now.
we shouldn't have this happening. it's awful & the fact this can pop up easily. well then.
I know people want cheaper stuff, or stuff that arrives earlier etc. but seriously, if that's the excuse to continue using a service that doesn't pay taxes, pays its staff shit, over works them & also this shit?
come on. we can be better
make a change & stop using them

@Sdfendor personally I am not US. I feel sorry for the people voting. Because there was someone better who fit the bill much better to lead that would help everyone.
Except now. You have a sexual predator & liar of what they've done for a lot of things. Going against an orange sexual predator & liar of what they've done for a lot of things.
I feel that this is shit. That's the choices? I'm didn't say to stop voting either. Just pointing out something

@Bella we would love that. the camping would be great.
well we also have a car now & we are thinking heavily to come to Europe thru the channel tunnel. so can drive with our stuff, our dog & ourselves

aye, yes. I do forget some things I post & what people know. I dont know why I dont just say 'thanks', but I will be better to remember what people know & what ive said

publishing a 1 page book about a love triangle called "Polyamory 101"

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