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i think the internets quite bad. got quite a lot of scams on it. like they scam you and what do you get in return. not much in return, thats for sure

like you go on the internet. you pay to go on the internet. not only do you give them money but you give them time... you give them your personal info... and what do you get back?????????? nothing.... nothing at all............ only scams.......

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fuck, im getting sick of hearing about abuse on many different level in my community.
when complaints are put in, they are used to cover up the utter scummy things the abusers do.
all just so they keep their little bubble of abusers going.
im tired. so tired

I know where these places are. I know the people. im not allowed though to say much online, because it could lead back to my boyfriend & they dont need hassle from these cunts.
ill take that hassle

Happy Pride
Today my boyfriend & i would of marched with our brothers & sisters in solidarity.
Whilst people wonder why we have pride?
How about the Leeds City Council doing some transphobia recently?
That's why we fight.
It's not over.
Fuck you Leeds City Council, you transphonic cunts
Happy Pride everyone

Youtube is about to remove community contributions like closed captions/subtitles:

"Community contributions will be discontinued across all channels after 28 September 2020."

In communist Russia, they moved the tree and gift giving from Christmas to new year, to break the ties with religion. Children sat in the lap of a man dressed as Karl Marx, wearing red for communism, and confessed their material desires for toys.

So what the fuck has been happening.
Spent a week in the back garden in a tent. Then we got a bell tent delivered today & are spending some more time in the back garden.
We also got a car today. Weve been thinking to go away places for the weekend, but also for our own mobility. I have a terrible spine, so will help with shopping etc.
So cheap car it is. Lovely wee thing.
Plus some other crap which is awesome to be done today.
Plus it's our anniversary of 2 years.
Also my dog is lovely

like federal agents are scary and can break every bone in your body but all you need to do is get ten of your friends to go in shifts and honk your car horn once every 15 minutes while they're trying to sleep for a couple of days and that's it, it's over you've fucked them up

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Does anybody else sing Disney [or similar] after having a lusciously large & bowel emptying poo. Leaving you with a hope for the future?

Asking for a friend

I released a mini album a few weeks ago.
if you like poppy casiotones & swinging guitars & LOTS of cheesy synths & wall of sound.
then you are in for a treat

id love if you listened & even purchased it.
support artists

i'm not going to do this but i feel like a fucking power play would be

"mom, dad, i'm thinking of changing my name"
"?? to what"
"that's a girl's name, buddy"
"well, here comes surprise number 2"

for fucks sake dealing with the DVLA is pain. just utter pain

I was FINALLY able to get on the DVLA site & change my address.
its taken me over a year to get this done.
you know how I done it? they chuffed up my name. so its my name with no spaces, just one long bit of text

fucking idiots. but got things going to update

what fucking tits

I have harassed by on ex for nearly 7 years. But hopefully it I'll come to an end soon.
Holy fuck I need this to stop

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