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you do NOT need a "proper" deed poll to change your name. you can do it online for free, just print it off & do all the signing stuff

if ANYONE give you shit, they can not. this is legal & perfectly fine


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here is a collection [with many others] of my art i have done over the years

its mainly pencil, pen & paper. but i do venture into digital & convert some of the drawings

im sharing to spur myself to get back into drawing. been away too long & have plenty to mind spooge 😘
also willing to do art for cash, but i am currently working on an album ✌️

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ive decided that every time something wrong online. streaming video not buffering, really slow downloads or whatever

i will raise my fist in the air slowly, shaking it ever so menacingly & yell 'BEZOS!!!'

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*slaps roof of a drug store, for sale* this bad boy can fit so many condoms in it

Today I synthesized a barbershop quartet!

The voices were generated using formant synthesis. Pitches, vowel sounds, and vibrato amount is controlled using my gesture synthesizer. I'm also using my temporal weight concepts, which allows the notes themselves to slow down the tempo, instead of the other way around.

The music heard here is a classic barbershop tag called "When I Leave The World Behind"

If you want to support my art check out my ko-fi! I've just set up memberships, with perks like stickers and prints 🌟

@lewlepton I put like 1 or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into a 500ml cup of soy #yogurt, add salt and 2 minced garlic cloves.

I take 400g of normal #tofu, cut it into pieces and coat it with paprika, garlic powder, some arabic spices if you have some, some cumin and/or curry and salt. Then I fry it in a pan with some oil on middle heat, not too high. Later add onion and turn the heat a bit higher until it looks and tastes good.
Put all that into bread with salad and some raw onion.

ive had a good day.
my back is still shit, but slightly less, so went to change a tshirt i bought yeterday, its too big even for a small. but then proceeded to go to charity shops

found some fantastic things, even high heels at size 9, even dresses that cost Β£2. also found a wee box that could use as a makeup box. going to glue a mirror in the lid & make some small sections for the other cack

great day of finding really lovely things that make me look fabulous

feel good

hey! you! do you have a pretty pet? do you want the change of getting a free pet portrait? would you let me submit a portrait of your pet in an art contest for an animal shelter?

hmu with pics of your pet (or a pic of your pet with you is ok too!)
i'll probably paint a few to see which ends up better. i wont be painting all of them but i might do a digital work if i dont end up choosing yours.

basically i need a good ref pic of a pretty pet. you can be in it or not.

thanks :welp: 🐾

*slaps roof of New Hampshire* this bad boy can fit so many Manchesters in it

why do people feel the need to say this shit 

right im done.pooping finished

but really, dont be dick & do this shite. people dont like it when you call people brainwashed for doing the correct thing. or saying they are stupid etc

people are scared. but dont think you are brazen for not following the government rules. i do something illegal every day, doesnt make me brazen, just adventurous

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why do people feel the need to say this shit 

but it is this 'ive beaten the system'.
no, its just british people wont say anything to you, because they are not being paid for it, or that they themselves cant be fucked anymore, because they need to earn cash

but i was about to say that 'its not that brazen to not wear a mask here'. because the british people choose to ignore it, thinking its fucking radio waves or some shite. but i gave up & ignored him for the rest of the walk, that annoyed

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why do people feel the need to say this shit 

but it is that 'i dont care anymore because i want to go into a club', i dont get.
like, total refusal for masks anymore.
im getting my 2nd jab soon & *not* thinking i can take my mask off. because this shit is not done with & wont be done with for another year at this cunting rate

i get what they all mean. i honestly do.
i hate my makeup smudges every time. but i wont throw away my respect for others just because of vanity

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why do people feel the need to say this shit 

i dont mind the fucker. even though i do actively avoid him when out because he locks me into a talk i cant be arsed, where he just talks at me & doesnt listen

i did have to say 'thats what you believe in'. but very quickly said, 'some close family friends have died because of this, they were care workers & some were not'.
he didnt really say much apart from the shite before

but i kept silent for the rest of the time, since i was *done*...

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why do people feel the need to say this shit 

is that they are not trapped in their home. i have seen them every fucking day out going to shops, walking about etc. they were never trapped

but he is also talking about a year & a half thats gone by, but thinking they are being brazen that now is a great time, even though reports are otherwise

he also kept going on about the news & its lies & how they are bad etc

he never once said about if they were jabbed, which made me feel uneasy

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why do people feel the need to say this shit 

firatly. i said that he was wrong in the "brainwashing" department. both O & i explained why 'we' do it. purely respect for others that could be affected to people who work at these places.
i went off a little bit, because he wasnt listening, i was getting more & more annoyed. i think its because he is being so fucking proud, like a new dad or some shit.

but i think what annoyed me the most...

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why do people feel the need to say this shit 

id a bit of a telling off to someone the other day.
theyre a person that *literally very time* says they are HIV positive, for reasons i dont know. sympathy, maybe?
but they told me & O that they went into a shop without a mask & was happy for that. saying no one said anything to him etc.
but then started to go on & on about people being brainwashed & that he doesnt want to be a prisoner in his own home

i started to lose it him...

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