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you do NOT need a "proper" deed poll to change your name. you can do it online for free, just print it off & do all the signing stuff

if ANYONE give you shit, they can not. this is legal & perfectly fine


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here is a collection [with many others] of my art i have done over the years

its mainly pencil, pen & paper. but i do venture into digital & convert some of the drawings

im sharing to spur myself to get back into drawing. been away too long & have plenty to mind spooge 😘
also willing to do art for cash, but i am currently working on an album ✌️

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ive decided that every time something wrong online. streaming video not buffering, really slow downloads or whatever

i will raise my fist in the air slowly, shaking it ever so menacingly & yell 'BEZOS!!!'

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though i do have to say. id love a bloody find & replace in the UnO2 programming thing

though i may just try to use another editor of some sorts. but they wont have things like auto complete & the such. but hey, id rather be comfortable

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actually. no. im not gonna do hardware stuff. im gonna chill in bed & watch [& soon finish] castlevania, before we stop netflix for good πŸ‘

anyway. fuck oxfam & cancer research

i dont see how giving money away is helping the cause

there was even a time a car, a fucking car, was up to win with 1 of the large charities. i just said. "why dont you just sell the car & give the money away?"

i didnt get a straight answer. its all bullshit in the end

if you really wanna help. go to smaller charities. ones that are also local based & help the community

larger ones are just big chain coffee shops that kill small businesses

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i was talking about charities today, so this is why im suddenly talking about it

i was a manager of a charity shop. i was a damn good manager as well. i knew what to do & knew how to get things done. but that was threatening to the other 'not-that-well-informed higher ups & other managers

we were not a big charity. other st lukes cares charities arent linked by the way. its just by name they can use. its weird

large charities, i feel, are money laundering shit shacks that hurt more than help

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they also rent the shops, rather than own them.
oxfam have 2 shops, near mine. they sold them. now they pay Β£400,000 for 1 & another Β£200,000 for the other. per *fucking* year

how does that help?

not much, in the grand scheme of things

plus, a lot of managers are paid horribly, & a lot are not really that well trained. this is where the free labour comes in, with no training to deal with customers or working tills etc

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i think large charities *need* to be stopped, for several reasons.
you may think/say "they do a great job"
have you ever worked/volunteered at a charity?

they take advantage of people, many which are disabled, mental health, physical & other issues

most dont employ workers from the inside. they pay a company to find people for the job, rather than look at the dedicated staff they have, that do it for free

oxfam & cancer research are some of the worst. "high up bosses" make silly money as well

i have to say, poland has some amazing bands

really. there have been several bands i have bought the album[s] from & love them. also they are supportive [as you should be] of lgbtqia/non-binary folks

really. poland has great bands & music. especially metal & rock

i even worked a bit with 1 of them over a year back when they done a wee tour around Leeds & other parts of the UK


what the UnO2 needs for programming to be less 'bleurgh' for very simple things, is a UI editor

there is an editor someone else made, but it doesnt support UnO formware yet. hopefully in the future

the condition to watch a live bandcamp stream is a 'fan' account there (it's free), but I wonder how many of you have a bandcamp account?

(pliz boost)

The Audacity/telemetry PR was closed, the author said they won't use Google or Yandex, and it *looks* like there's a fork that will never have any telemetry that the KXstudio team is going to maintain.

The whole situation is worrying but it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

oddly, when im in layout mode, its fine, it switchs very easily & as it should

but as soon as you go into peform mode, it does this multi press thing.
so now this is a weird thing i am not sure about


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ah ha, further investigation shows its not cooldown. but rather its that it doesnt count the say 'off' once its been on as off itself. it then takes 2/3 more taps for it to then switch off

that sounds a lot easier to solve, because that could be linked with MIDI range, since the footpedal switch is going from 0-127. it may be too high/low etc. or something different. but this is better than cooldown or whatever

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my one gripe, is the time it takes for the mainstage button to react. because you can *taptaptap* on the switch, it has a cooldown time. so im wondering how i can get rid of that. not saying im looking to tap dance on the switch. but having that cooldown is a bit odd

it doesnt have it in logic. so why in mainstage. but thats for another time


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so what was that, 30 mins?

done, setup

its a wee bit of a cock slice to get things going. but it works, really well

ill post a video of both setting up logic pro x with the fcb1010 & bias plugins. plus will do a video with mainstage & bias plugins, or plugins in general

really happy

now i can move on to doing some studio stuff & coding out my layout for using the fcb1010 while i work in logic pro. things like transport control & things that are useful πŸ€™

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so today, im doing a wee bit o' live setup stuff, using mainstage

since im a logic pro person, i wanna try mainstage, since it has the same type of feel too it, but centered on live the most

if its a piss fart, ill try ableton

i knpw i could just use ableton right away. but in all honesty, i want to see what else there is. plus, when i can play *with* a band. i wanna just have my computer for amps, not everything else as well 🀘

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