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you do NOT need a "proper" deed poll to change your name. you can do it online for free, just print it off & do all the signing stuff

if ANYONE give you shit, they can not. this is legal & perfectly fine


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here is a collection [with many others] of my art i have done over the years

its mainly pencil, pen & paper. but i do venture into digital & convert some of the drawings

im sharing to spur myself to get back into drawing. been away too long & have plenty to mind spooge ๐Ÿ˜˜
also willing to do art for cash, but i am currently working on an album โœŒ๏ธ

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ive decided that every time something wrong online. streaming video not buffering, really slow downloads or whatever

i will raise my fist in the air slowly, shaking it ever so menacingly & yell 'BEZOS!!!'

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The queer-feminist space โ€œlila_buntโ€ in Zรผlpich (between Cologne and Bonn) is severely damaged by the floods.


watching O play mass effect LE. really lovely looking. wish it had the ability to switch between how it looked before to how it looks now.
ive enjoyed that when watching J play halo, so have become accustomed & love watching the switch

fuck it, I'm releasing my databending drum machine TONIGHT

make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches!~ ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ป

hi, i'm emil what draws gays with pathos in earth colours and fictional characters doing crime-adjacent things.

i'm currently working on my gn Nocturnes about a pair of twins making a lot of bad decisions out of love

and i'm making a 90s sci fi webcomic called Dead Scholars' Whispers about power, redemption, and things beyond us all:

thanks for stopping by!

#creativetoots #mastoart #webcomic

hot dang, it feels soooo good to have a CD player again

whilst it looks about the size of a condo for business suited beetles. it is oh so lovely to be able to play CDs in my room

I do have to give the CD player a clean & to clean the lazzzzzer. it has this sensitive skip thing going on way to much, so it needs a clean ๐Ÿ‘

there are a few things that do not fit well. but thats fine. I wont return them, its a charity, I dont believe in returns that are small. but maybe its the anti sun stuff I have on me thats making it harder

either way, still found some great things

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I might get the household to watch the 'Star Wars Christmas special' with me later on

because we all know that blistering heat & sun cooking brains, leads to awful TV watching

the CD players play button does not play the music if paused, but the pause button is used to unpause & continue playing. weird, never came across that in any CD player

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wow I am in 90s mode today.
not only got hold of a *fucking HUGE* CD player with 2 tape decks & 3 CD slots [this is for listening to music, but also to review my own music on regular speakers ๐Ÿ‘].
im listening to Mansun, bopping around my room, trying on the new-ish clothes I bought at the charity shop

all I need to have is to be fingered round the back of the bike sheds & my 90s experience will be complete, lol

but goddamn, Im feeeling good in what I got. great finds for suuuuuuuper cheap

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