My names Lew Lepton & im trans

Its been quite a journey & one that shouldve started over 10 years ago. But im free

This years been beneficial for me, as ive had the time to know myself & realise that this is who I am

Support ive had helped & has made my own mental health better. I feel good about myself, great even

Happy, is the only word I can say for how I feel & Im not going to have that taken away anymore.
My tears of happiness have been flowing, a lot

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@lewlepton Wow, thanks for sharing the great news!
If you've been able to find yourself and also feel better mentally then I guess 2020 hasn't been only bad 😁

Happy holidays! πŸŽ„ And stay happy!

@matiaslavik thank you so much

I know the pandemic & lockdown has been bad for many, including myself. but this time has given to really think & feel properly in a positive light for myself.

also with not being able to do anything. its slowed me down a lot. so I did have the time to keeping the noise away

I hope you are well also 😘 & many wishes for your happy holidays πŸ€—

@lewlepton Well, it's really nice that you managed to make the best out of that time then! πŸ˜„

And thank you too!

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