was just listening to gospel drummer, calvin rodgers, talk for only 2 seconds on gumbo, in regard to some sweet drum sounds to a new EZDrummer EZX gospel pack

now im going to look up how to make vegan gumbo & get that done today

i know ill have to wing my way to the shops. but gumbo sounds like a great idea to make

ok. already this is gonna involve a ton of things to do. namely the worst case is the seitan, which is easy, but tough in texture, to make

seitan is in the oven & doing its thing. ill goo out later to get the other things to make this. but have a feeling it may not be today that is finished. but happy i got the seitan done since thats the biggest annoyance

everything else is easy compared


though im more than likely going to wait until tomorrow to get this gumbo made, or saturday. just because i need to do proper food shopping & may as well wrangle it all in at the same time

but no matter, ill make this gumbo at some point

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