trying to decide which layout for sequencer will work better


@oleksiy my opinion would be if you are looking to make elctronic exclusive music. basically things that follow 4/4 all the time. then the second design. makes it easier to get that 'on the beat' rhythm going. you could even have a vertical or horizontal sequence setting as well

I personally love the first. it feels less 'controllery', but I think thats because im so used to drum machines. but if I could. id try make it 1 row instead, then leave room for other buttons & dials

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@oleksiy also for each LED, id have them be multicolor. so if I am to put settings in, for length for the sequence or something like that, I can have them as a different color. so I then know what setting im on

ive thought about this a lot when ive played with Arduino & making my own sequencer[s], which id love to revisit some day. but. I wanna add in so much more than what I made previously

would make sense now, since im looking for sequencers to drive EZDrummer. a good MIDI side project

@lewlepton rgb leds are cool, but for this project it will be an overkill and I don't have enough pins on the mcu and don't want to add another multiplexor. maybe later I'll build something more serious with more bells and wistles

@lewlepton thanks! I haven't thought about vertical sequence, it's an interesting take. I'd really like to have the sequence in one row, but I don't have longer veroboard or smaller buttons atm, lol

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