Got faffed around this morning. So I bought 2 reduced dirty pot noodles & put them in a bread tin for devouring

Our bowls are either too big or too small. Bread tin is juuuuuust right

This is also my breakfast & lunch. A 'breaunch' one might say, lol

few [old floor] boards underneath, to give it support. these were glued & nailed on, so [hopefully] should be pretty tough to get off. i missed 1 board with glue. hey ho

cut extra bits from middle & sanded down those parts. plus sand the entire table itself, ready for varnish

i also made sure to put on 'support sides' as well. this just means the table wont shift. very stable

the lady was helping, of sorts, lol

ive no varnish, so ill get that tomorrow. by tuesaday it should be ready to use πŸ‘

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What the table is & what it could end up like, minus the extras, lol

Its just a basic Ikea table, but with 2/3 inches extra on each side, can make it an excellent board game table πŸ€™

i find it funy Ledds isnt even at the top, even though i live in Leeds, lol

even Reddit cant recommend Leeds the most to me

oooooh my day has gotten brighter... thru the form of jeans

black pair was from depop, second hand
blue pair from charity shop i was in this morning, also second hand. though the blue is a little bit loose on the waist, compared to the black which fit like a sexy glove.
the blue pair will get dyed as well, i dont fancy blue for these jeans [since i have darker blue i prefer], but the fit i do like πŸ‘

i only tied up my top for the photos, lol

here is a positive way you can say what you are doing to a relative/friend, who may not understand what & why

this was a text to my mum. the reply is what matters the most ✊

you dont have to explain anything to anyone.
just be you 🀘
you are happy being you 😁

i sent this photo to the band, 'sunnata'

with my CD order, it came with a message to send in a photo. so i sent them this one, with a message of love for their music & what they do

they messaged back with love & shared a lovely story about the album artwork. saying it was done by a non-binary model. fantastic β™₯️

lovely people, fantastic sound

i only sent 1 photo [first], but here are more i done, lol

On point & feeling great 

My makeup is damn good today. Also asked in charity shop if they want volunteers. Been a shop manager for charities before. But now I really have to be good for myself & my spine. Don't do too much

the older cat came into the house... with a raw chicken wing

i didnt want to ask him how, or where he got it. but no matter what, he is not eating that in the house

"you go to the bottom of the garden & have fun instead, chomp on that chicken wing"

(he was growling at us for getting near him, with the chicken wing. as if protecting a loved child... made of chicken)

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