though on that note... terrible back aside... solved a silly web dev thing & getting the band website finishede. because im getting fucking bored of looking back & forth, lol

though ive never worked for OXFAM, i just know the poeple

once you know people are managers of other shops, i would always scope out the shops, see what they one & what i know i could do better, teehee

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the worst thing about charities though, is the RIDICULOUS costs they put themselves in

so there is an OXFAM near me in headingly. they used to own the buildings, yes, 2, they are attached to each other & you can walk from one to the other.
but for some stupid reason, they sold them. now they pay about 300/400k a year in rent, for each building

literally pissing money away

fucking idiots

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i guess my pain meds have finally kicked in. think thats why i decided to waffle about charities a quick minute

but voluteering is great & would recommend. it can lead to work & fullfilling work as well, as long as you have the correct people behind you

i will go into the charity & say i cant volunteer. im just not willing to keep fucking my spine

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my one saying i said & still say to this day for people who act too abruptly,

"you cant see past next week"

that was & still is very true to anything. but was more engrained with what we were doing. we were trying to raise money in the long un, not the quick bullshit DLC shite that games companies do

you need to think past next week, to really know & get a feel of what ever the fuck you are doing

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literally didnt stop the charity from fucking both me & my friend out of the charity after a few year

i accepted my fate, since it was maternity leave. to which they didnt care when they came back, & reversing EVERY SINGLE THING WE DONE, for cheap shite that no one bought

but how they treated my friend was the worst. so much so, i had met with the main vicar person. but he was just... no one. a pencil pusher who also, didnt see the big picture

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only problem, is that the main people didnt have vision. no vision at all.
they looked at customers as people who would buy anything

but how we looked at things were to not look down at people, but still understand that folks wanted things for a good price, but we still needed to raise money

but we got complaints saying we were "expensive", to which i always said, "then please tell us why we are more expensive". i always proved we were the cheapest, because we were. they would come back & say

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i mean. when i was the manager of the charity shop. i put the sales of that 1 shop alone, up by 500%. with the help of my 'kliq' friend/manager

then i & someone else [we were the kliq] went to another shop to put up the sales. which we done in 2 days & went way beyond what anyone had done for the many year prior

so, im not stupid in these things. just driven, sometimes too much, to the point i really make myself unwell

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i love helping & want to feel i am doing something great for the people im near & dfor the people that experience it

i know for sure i could change things aorund in the charity shop, for the better & for the better of raising money. but the physical is just too much

i can completely pull my back out simply by walking. its because of back strength & making that better. but holy fuck its an uphill battle ive been doing for 20+ year

why weed is great. helps so much than what anyone could think

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i gave the weekend a think on the volunteering i asked about, with the charity shop near me.
ive decided to NOT volunteer. for a number of reasons, ones that dont relate to COVID at all, which is good

its purely for a 'me' thing. even today has spelled that i shouldnt go into things like this right now. im only going to completely fuck myself over on the long run, for nothing as well

volunteering is great to do. but ive a habit of going way above & beyond what i should do, only hurting myself

We're open for an L3 Software Engineer! Want to come work with me on an awesome team consulting on big and small civic tech and commercial projects?

The company is 56% women identified cross-practice with a very healthy level of racial diversity (our CEO is BIPOC and our COO is a woman for starters). Fully remote, US only (sorry, we do gov contracts so it's a requirement), transparent salaries across the company (, solid benefits including office setup budget and monthly employee effectiveness budget.

Our public employee handbook is here: and our Engineering Playbook is here:

(I'm personally an L3 if you want perspective on what that level is like)

#pleaseboost #jobs #softwareengineering

just on my bed bent over, looking as if im waiting for something to be 'pit in'. playing the switch patiently until my back stops being a cunt

currently maining 'jetlancer', which has a cat as your engineer :AngeryCat:

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ive been working on my voice technique lately & utilising what im good at

so if you want voice acting, i can do a lot

i like voice acting & if i can do 'different' voices, im happier. so doing impressions is more fun for me, plus can normally get better results if its to have fun & try different things

been on plenty ads way. since i was the engineer for the job, i normally was the talent, as it cut costs a fuck ton with the studio. less to pay out in end, but i got to do voices 🀘

woof, not only am i tired like im a pubescent teen, my back has been reminding me its terrible as well

but hey, at least i finished my book, reading in the garden as the 2nd/3rd time with 'planet of the apes'

also chopped the fodges bum hair. so he doesnt have whay looks like a hula skirt dragging at the back, lol
still looks cute ❀️

@stolas id say this ikea desk are not 100% great for heavy use. because of the type of wood they use. plus this is suited to a 'after school' study area. rather than as a place of work.
i feel this would be falling apart after only a few month

its worth looking for a few different things. looking at charity shops that sell furniture. loads are also on ebay & do cheap/free delivery.
also convert a door to a table & buying the legs. it will have the weight & space you could work with.
or gumtree

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