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i think if i ever [lol] own a jetpack. i dont think i could stop laughing like peter griffin & only say "JETPACK!!!" while wearing it. thats includes when not in the air & talking to people

its the UnO 2 i got. i figured if i really want to take it further, then get the thing that can do it

i could have gotten the v1 from ebay from only a couple Β£. but the feature set of the v2 is what i need the most. so im happy its even around to get

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i had some youtube money pop thru from the learning material thats still up. so i got myself the UnO firmware chip thing

gonna turn this MIDI pedal into a stompbox & so much more. just much easier for live & studio use

you can't teach people programming with single letter variables

Far-Right Platform #Gab Has Been #Hackedβ€”Including Private Data

The transparency group DDoSecrets says it will make the 70GB of #passwords, #private posts, and more available to #researchers, #journalists, and social scientists.

If anyone fancies watching The Bronze Men of Cameroon I just found a copy on Vimeo.

It's an intimate portrait of a community of bronze artisans in Foumban, the 'City of Arts'

It was produced and directed by Florence Ayisi, who was born in Cameroon and is currently professor of international documentary film at the University of South Wales.

It leaves a few things unanswered but it's well worth an hour of your time.

#cameroon #bronze #film

@JonathanMBR @jaz

ok. that thing i said about not doing more tracks.... wellllllll....... i did find another track i feel would be a perfect fit

so im allowing this

Did I mention we are also disabled? Probably should peas with that

But aye. Disabled as well

So a fine mix of a breakfast 😁

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We don't like to live on hand outs, or asking for something without a return. We want to earn things like this, & our music is the best way to earn it

Your support directly helps

Also we have an album coming out soon & it's going to be a CD release

Yes, we are looking forward to that. Since we have ideas of extra to put in for people who buy the CD 🀘

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Trans led & very queer band that's calling out the horseshit of fake inclusion, racism, LGBTQIAphobia & everything else that makes the world turn in peculiar ways

The band is decentralised, so will not appear on Spotify, YouTube or any other place that takes advantage of creators & the people that support them. We rely on support from fans, not advertising

called the GP. to say about self meding & need blood tests

But I spent more time in the answer phone start thing telling us about COVID etc. Only spent 30secs who put me thru right away

On one hand its an annoying call waiting to something which could take 10secs to say. But the other hand, the person just went 'yep cool call you back this morning'

Id have started self meding ages ago, its always the money that gets in the way. But Ive things ready, just need the blood test to be safe

woof, just freezing the tracks to make sure the session works better. its taken about 10mins

a lot of freezing going on, lol


im not a massive fan of pop rock or pop punkl. but DREAM WIFE are really damn awesome 🀘

its rock done great by talented people πŸ‘

came up when on bandcamp a year ago. bought both CDs. listen to them all the time in the car πŸš™

didnt know until listening, it seems to be lesbian rock. which is an AWESOME surprise. not sure its full LGBTQIA+ rock. but im sure that its lesbian rock & its fucking good

to the public, we venture 

readying for the shops. was looking for car stuff. the window doesnt close all the way, so rain gets in sneakily. but couldnt find the screens to help

ended up getting a phone holder & vanilla spray. yummy

the car is called 'tanuki', its a suzuki alto. awesome wee car 🀘

My sexy self is heading out. Not to see a friend, since it was too impulsive to go out

But gonna look at car stereos, to hopefully replace the one I have. Also look for new speakers

Not buying just looking. But using the lovely day to do something productive plus fill the car up πŸ€™

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