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illustrated haiku CW for gore/food/cannibalism 

responsibly sourced
local jerk, dip snacks in clots
of enemy cake
#mastoart #art #haiku #illustration


so i think i have an outline of what i need for this album. but im going to take a page from @pixelpaperyarn & get some planning done to see what i need to do next. otherwise im just building bridges for no reason

i am literally at the last 10%, its just a big % & the most needed in attention

can straight up say that ive personally made the best seitan. better than what ive done before

wooo doggy theyre tasty, very moist & not that hard crap everyone else seems to spooge over

these feel like sausages, look like sausages, but dont taste like them. they have a smoked flavor, but also has not too much of a kick

dont want sausages to taste like meat. why would i? im fucking vegan. but theyve to taste, well, tasty. they certainly do indeed

masto isnt allowing photos to post though πŸ˜‘

the world had a lot more flexibility when information moved more slowly.

though im more than likely going to wait until tomorrow to get this gumbo made, or saturday. just because i need to do proper food shopping & may as well wrangle it all in at the same time

but no matter, ill make this gumbo at some point

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seitan is in the oven & doing its thing. ill goo out later to get the other things to make this. but have a feeling it may not be today that is finished. but happy i got the seitan done since thats the biggest annoyance

everything else is easy compared

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ok. already this is gonna involve a ton of things to do. namely the worst case is the seitan, which is easy, but tough in texture, to make

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was just listening to gospel drummer, calvin rodgers, talk for only 2 seconds on gumbo, in regard to some sweet drum sounds to a new EZDrummer EZX gospel pack

now im going to look up how to make vegan gumbo & get that done today

i know ill have to wing my way to the shops. but gumbo sounds like a great idea to make


❝Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial plaque. Her newspaper obituaries do not mention her greatest discovery. […] Every high school student knows that Isaac Newton discovered gravity, that Charles Darwin discovered evolution, and that Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know.❞ β€” Jeremy Knowles, discussing the complete lack of recognition Cecilia Payne gets, even today, for her revolutionary discovery. (via alliterate)


β€’ Cecilia Payne won a scholarship to Cambridge.

β€’ Cecilia Payne completed her studies, but Cambridge wouldn’t give her a degree because she was a woman, so she said to heck with that and moved to the United States to work at Harvard.

β€’ Cecilia Payne was the first person ever to earn a Ph.D. in astronomy from Radcliffe College, with what Otto Strauve called β€œthe most brilliant Ph.D. thesis ever written in astronomy.”

β€’ Not only did Cecilia Payne discover what the universe is made of, she also discovered what the sun is made of (Henry Norris Russell, a fellow astronomer, is usually given credit for discovering that the sun’s composition is different from the Earth’s, but he came to his conclusions four years later than Payne β€” after telling her not to publish).

β€’ Cecilia Payne is the reason we know basically anything about variable stars (stars whose brightness as seen from earth fluctuates). Literally every other study on variable stars is based on her work.

β€’ Cecilia Payne was the first woman to be promoted to full professor from within Harvard and the first woman to head a science department at Harvard. She also inspired entire generations of women to take up science.

β€’ Cecilia Payne is awesome and everyone should know her.

i was wanting to do music. but my back is giving me a bit of grief. plus just done my bloods

so all i wanna do now is play on switch & either the escapists, or jetlancer

the benefit of jetlancer is that i have a cat as an engineer

the benefit of escapists is that it doesnt have prison buggering

though that makes jetlancer sound as if i has prison love

kind of sad that aston mics have been aqcuired by music tribe. on one hand its great they have backing & a bigger opportunity to get awesome mics out to people. on the other hand, i have that worry the product will go down in value & even the things they use to make the mics

i doubt the latter. but it is a genuine worry

i love my aston origin mic. legit 1 of the best mic ive ever owned. lovely & flat & really clear

Let's have a Musical Tuesday 🎼 🎡 🎢

Are you a #music creator? Link your tracks, your Soundclouds, your Bandcamps, your everything else's! Share your audio goodness :D

i feel i need a mirror to use when playing/learning guitar

since my head & neck is forcibly being bent downwards due to pain, i cant look down so much to check chords etc. so think i should buy a mirror that i will hang where i can just spin my seat to play & see what im playing

aside from just getting surgery [lol] as if i even have an option. the mirror is the cheapest way to make sure i can still play, learn & progress & not 100% fuck my neck, but rather 90% lol

Today I launched the first issue of my literary magazine's TWELFTH YEAR. I still can't believe it's been going for over a decade (it's a tween!) and I've gotten to work with so many amazing people. Free to read online (patreon, ebook and print copies, too!), for those of you interested in sci-fi and fantasy written by women-identified authors.

I'll be honest, I'm always proud of what we publish, but this is one of our best issues ever.

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