Thinking abt how to grow the fediverse. Seems like there's a small sector that thinks it's valuable, and another one that will only see it as valuable if enough people join.

This is why it's important to keep supporting the federated web, every person that joins increases the worthiness of joining for more people.

Let's make a huge snowball!

Hey, so, I really liked the new announcement. I'd like to share some of my fiddling sessions with it and chat. Just having a good time.

Would someone join me on a live stream? If so, when is a better time to do it? Noon? Night?

I'm just about to have some time to draw again, I hope.

It's been a tremendously bussy couple of months since I started as a project lead. Something to do with lowering the entry barrier for medical devices to get approved. Which I think is very positive

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your timeline has been blessed by the Raccoon Who Is Allowed To Drive A Car But Doesn't, please boost them to ensure good public transit accessibility in 2020

I wish I didn't have to make a two week business trip, so tiring! 😩

Hmm, some of the oldest images got lost from my stream, wonder why

a marker drawing, I've been trying to get better textures and color combinations that don't clash so much

I had started this drawing 6 years ago and didn't have the gut to finish it after having put so many hours on it.

So here it is, for a while there has been an inclination towards floral-dark themes

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