Seriously what the hell is this, I forgot

I don't tweet on Yom Kippur, but I do toot.

This toot is to convey that I am very tired and I don't know how I'm going to get through the day. Thank you for your time. End of toot.

What is the phenomenon that makes you go from hating a new song to liking it after repeated exposure

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@lexfri I really don’t see how they’ll be able to do things like verified accounts in a federated way. What’s stopping me from being @lexfri on another server? How much time will @cnn spend when rambling off a handle on the air?
“RealDonaldTrump On Mastodon’s instance just tooted the following...”

I get most of my news on my way to and from the men's room, thanks to the company with an office next to ours between us and the restrooms, which has a transparent door and a massive TV tuned to CNN in its lobby.

I really wish the song "Have It All" said "Here's to the fact that I'd be sad without you" instead of "I'll be sad without you," because of reasons.

@glennf I followed you. May something have mercy on my something.

I feel like some observations make more sense for Mastodon than they do for Twitter. Like the fact that my kids' first initials (ASL) are the same as both American Sign Langauge and the question you'd ask people on AOL to learn whether they were worth hitting on.

I followed two instances of a person I want to follow here on because it's federated? Or something? So I'm loving the simplicity so far.


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