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"3 months ago"
Yeah, I don't have a job, a fucking week feels like forever.

This old introduction is still pretty accurate except I'm not playing as much OW.

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My name is Lex. I'm a gay trans woman. Pronouns are she/her. I'm a programmer, wrestling fan and depression-haver. I'm currently unemployed and spend a lot of time playing Overwatch. I've studied game design and used to train in pro wrestling. I absolutely would get back into wrestling if I had the money for it and if the culture around it were more queer-friendly.

I forgot that it's called a toot here, not a post. I don't care what anyone says, "toot" is perfect.

I should get back to posting here with some amount of regularity. I'm kind of not used to it; I mean, I don't even do much but retweet on the bird website.

Zarya ulted just before this and I wasn't able to combo because I was way out of position, but it worked out.

Zenyatta blocking a Zarya/Reinhardt ult combo. ~3000 Transcendence healing.

Very close match decided by a Zarya/Hanzo combo. Almost a sextuple kill.

I'd like to use gold skins for every Overwatch character but I can't see myself ever switching off a Bastion skin that gives me a blue jay.

A couple days late taking meds. Getting them refilled today. Feeling irritable.

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Doing some programming here and will be watching/talking about NXT Takeover.

I'm watching RAW. Come here if you want to hang out and listen to my stupid voice.

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