TIL why git notes is an awesome idea but a terrible implementation

Really good post and talk about games architecture design and its implementation in Rust:


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Today I Learned that Python sort function used the TimSort algorithm after Tim Peters. It's such an awesome algorithm that Java adopted it a few years ago. Really impressive stuff that takes some time to grasp.

"I'm in the middle, the middle of life" youtu.be/sgTVKW7g2Dg It's sad to realize you are too old for one of your favorite songs

I find this article interesting kapwing.com/blog/a-female-engi in the way it explains why there are less women in tech. It's a little bit of a refreshing view point.

I really dislike the way keybase.io has emailed me about the PGP vulnerability. It's not only that they used it as Trojan horse to get users into their system (including me) but now they claim to be vastly more secure to it and treat PGP in a condescend way. I'm really thinking about deleting my account now.

To be honest, it doesn't "force" you as long as you don't have cycles. But doing the tree in a Rust way it's not only safer for memory management but also faster. Pretty satisfied with this result and the learning experience overall.

I believe the reason is due to the way Rust handles memory it forces you to write self-referenced data structures (like a tree) without using pointers but using handles. Thus this achieves a lot better data locality which is really important for performance.

I was finally able to write a Rust program that is 165 times faster than the C equivalent. It builds an AVL tree from a stream of 10,000 integers and then does an in-order traversal. Just a fancy way to sort a list.

This is huge. Russia’s unelected government is afraid of communications it can’t monitor, so it tries to shut down Telegram. Telegram moves to AWS and Google Cloud. Russia BLOCKS both services.

Almost nothing works in Russia’s internet right now. Banks, shopping, small business. twitter.com/ow/status/98616044 … #nextcloud

I'm very confused after reading theverge.com/2018/4/10/1721540 What is the relationship between password free systems and phishing?

And remember, the more factors the better. Raplacing passwords with devices is just replacing something I know with something I have. It's just different attack vectors.

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