We upgraded our RDS Postgresql instance from version 9.4 to 10.11 mainly to access the Performance Insights feature and get a little more monitoring information.

And Performance Insights did not work. It just showed 0 active sessions even when we had over 70 current connections.

After 2 days of trying many different things, parameter changes and DB reboots I managed to get it working with a sad idea:

I turned Performance Insights off and on again.

Day 4 of quarantine. My two years old daughter decided to pee on our TV remote. Amazon is taking 6 days to send a replacement. Please send help.

I wrote a script to sync your Mastodon toots with your Twitter account. Maybe you find it useful.

Check it out at github.com/lorenzogil/mastosyn

I wrote a post about a difficult problem and how we solve it: Why is Celery not running my task?


Just found out about these great resources for building distributed systems by Microsoft: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure

Very useful talk about the different networking options in Kubernetes and their trade-offs by @arapulido youtu.be/0TVr3I6IhH8

Super inspiring talk from the genius Rodney Mullen: youtu.be/uEm-wjPkegE

Watch if you want to learn the meaning of true passion.

I've been looking so long at these pictures of you that I almost believe that they're real.


It's sad but I got to a point where is easier to put the document I need to print in my Android phone and send it to the office printer from there than just print it from my Fedora laptop. And both are running Linux under the hood.

Testing microservices is no joke. This very good (long) article medium.com/@copyconstruct/test by @copyconstruct shows you some of the challenges. I find the "step up" rule pretty interesting.

Really interesting talk by @lizthegrey about Observability and how to make it feasible at scale in your organization: youtube.com/watch?v=HFnBHA6NWU

TIL why git notes is an awesome idea but a terrible implementation

Really good post and talk about games architecture design and its implementation in Rust:


Bookmark this page aftersabbath.com/ and cancel your Spotify subscription right now.

You are welcome.

Today I Learned that Python sort function used the TimSort algorithm after Tim Peters. It's such an awesome algorithm that Java adopted it a few years ago. Really impressive stuff that takes some time to grasp.

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