I want to challenge myself! Can I (someone with very limited game development experience)

- by the end of the weekend
- create a block-breaking game
- that runs on the Raspberry Pi and
- that can be controlled with a gamepad
- from scratch using only Rust, SDL, a bitmap font and FOSS tools?

I call it "Bröselstein", which roughly translates to "crumbly stone" 😁

Hosted on at codeberg.org/lhinderberger/bro

By the way, I will need to make one exception to the rules by using one non-FOSS tool, CLion, due to its Rust debugging capabilities, which come in very handy for my quick-and-dirty project with no-to-minimal unit tests 😉

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Paddle is rendering and controller support is implemented. 🎮 Next up: Ball movement and collision detection.

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I haven't had much time to continue earlier today, but now I'm back for 🚀 !
Collision detection still needs some work, but I hope I can finish it within the next hour.

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With Collision detection now implemented, Bröselstein is for the first time playable.
I think I'll spend the last three hours of on some polishing. Next up: Sound effects 🔊

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Adding sound effects took a lot more time than I expected. That means most visual improvements that I had planned won't make it before midnight. Let's see how much polishing is possible in that last half hour of

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It took some time, but updates and toolchain are now installed, the game is compiled and i3wm is running. Next up is trying to run the game now - fingers crossed! 🤞

After modifying the audio initialization to use larger buffers it now more or less works on the Pi, although I was only able to test it under the experimental GL driver. It's even barely playable. 😜

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And that concludes the .
The result of effectively about 10 hours of work is a very basic, unpolished game with pretty terrible code quality and likely full of bugs. But that doesn't really matter - what matters is that is was a fun and challenging way to spend the weekend, way out of my neatly unit-tested clean-code comfort zone :)

Feel free to have a look at all of Bröselstein's GPLv3-licensed glory and grab your own copy on

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