@flockingbird Thanks for the detailed reply, but I meant the cost of running Drone/Jenkins πŸ˜‰

@flockingbird @danslerush What caused the high TCO? Was hosting too expensive, did maintenace consume too much time or was there another cost driving the TCO up?

@sexybiggetje I'm wondering, is that standard procedure at Apple or did something special cause the delay and complication? Sounds pretty kafkaesque.

On the positive side though, so far the new disk works flawlessly :)

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Turns out Dirt Rally 2 contains a 9GB data file, so there goes the idea of just using a single large FAT32 partition. πŸ™„ (Leaving its 109GB total on the main drive is not really an option)

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The spares have arrived and two SSDs are now installed 😎 Moving on to reassembly, testing and partitioning / making space on the main SSD.

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The good news: I found my box of computer screws. The bad news: There's no ridiculously tiny NVMe screw in it. πŸ™„
Time to order spares. πŸ™

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@sexybiggetje I want it to come apart later on, too - so I guess I'll not go for the "glueclear" option πŸ˜… Still searching the house for that screw... Worst case, I'd need to order a spare online πŸ™

Turns out the screw to fix the NVMe drive in place is missing. If only I knew where I put those screws two years ago πŸ™ˆ

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With some games taking up 60 to almost 120GB *each* these days, it's no surprise that has happened:

By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet 😱

Hello Fediverse! πŸ‘‹ My name is Lucas and I'm a student of computer science at HTW Dresden.

My main interests are software engineering, music and photography, about which I may toot here from time to time.

I'm also a volunteer contributor at @codeberg where I'm mainly working on the new documentation site at the moment.

I speak German, English and Dutch, as well as Rust, C/C++ and JavaScript (+ a bunch of others).

@sexybiggetje Yes, they did a really great job on their user interface. Let's see how stable it is under Linux.

@kot That's Bitwig Studio. Unfortunately not FOSS, but I still prefer it due to its great ergonomics and sound design capabilities.

My linux-powered music production corner. Very happy to no longer be dependent on Windows for this 😎

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