On a break from my usual Friday night TV schedule, I just put on Supercop (1992) with Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh. So much ridiculous fun to watch, you can really tell how much they enjoyed making it.

Leftovers for lunch today. Makes a nice change from the usual toasted sandwich lockdown special.

Damn, but I’ve missed Wil Wheaton. Good to have you back, buddy…

Look, it's Friday, , and it's wet outside, so I'm giving you wonderful people this. Started using eurorack gear in February 2022, & released a video every day on YouTube for the month.
Tracks here:
Videos here:

As it's again, I've decided to release this ep. Have been sitting on it for far too long now, finished it just before the start of *everything* in early March 2020. Brazilian bossa-nova & jazz inspired house. A fiver and it's yours.


Wordle 312

Worldle 96

Heardle 61

Guess I'm posting this bullshit here now! Follow me for more, click like & subscribe etc

I guess I’ll be shitposting from here now… jk I never shitpost, expect nothing more than just the usual gentle snark & smutty double entendres as per usual.

Still in recovery from yesterday’s party of the decade, aka my sister’s wedding bash. So much fun, so much sleep needed now.

My sister’s wedding party is today, so I’m either going dark or burst-posting ALL THE PHOTOS, really it could go either way.


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