I was long time off of Mastodon. Did some stuff for LN to buy satoshis for fiat smoothlessly.

The very smart move of the Casa: people pay to them to put personal node which provides additional security to its custodial solution. Why I couldn't get it earlier?

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Tegram bot lntxbot which is working for giveaways besides other functionality is looking too much like early Bitcoin faucets. Probably LN will drive new wave of Bitcoin adoption.

Telegram Open Network have strong competition but Telegram would censor LN bots on the platform.

Can't change some 20-dollars bills in local exchanger. I remember this isn't sole example of the cash non-fungibility. I know the answer why ICO crowd doesn't pay via bitcoins. They know that a pack of the 20-dollars bills makes you looking like a drug dealer and ten times bigger that one OpenDime.

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Linux on the desktop: because it's easier to accept community-driven brokenness than profit-driven misbehavior

Reading news about Blockstream satellite API and remembering that time when Zuckerberg et all wanted to give Internet acess globally including remote areas especially in underdeveloped countries.

Think about Bitcoin Script while reading Pinker's "Words and Rules". Human writing is also stack-based and what I would say about Turing-completeness? Fuck it. The Babel library is what we should talk about. Unlimited (more than atoms in Universe) combination of symbols and sentences guard the secret of human nature.

I started to think that Durov brothers have very, very big ego. The younger is just censoring his photos and care much about his appearance and the older one writes lengthy quazi-scientific works probably trying to eclipse Nakamoto. I can't understand why he don't ensure his authorship and avoids using PGP signatures while putting his name on top of his works. This just blows my mind.

Telegram Virtual Machine pdf document even more epic than Telegram Open Network whitepaper. However, it is more like re-invention of the wheel since design principle is very much like Bitcoin Script's one without exaggerated scientific lexicon.

Suddenly revealed my LN node earned whole satoshi via routing fee in July 2018.

I'll never forgive Canonical last release of Ubuntu. Bad UI instead my XFCE, silently removed apps, in the end I found that it removed cryptsetup and I shall install it in order to encrypt portable HDD. Bad move, Canonical.

Correction: there was no outflow from ICO addresses. Looks like one ICO dropped from my list or CMC just renamed it (again).

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51% attack reorgs on #Ethereum Classic leaves only #Litecoin as an altcoin with reasonable immutability guarantees.
As opposed to Ethereum, Litecoin doesn't really have anything more than #Bitcoin featurewise.

For everybody testing LN, @lightningto_me guys should be considered as an option to create incoming capacity without spending satoshis on stickers and even @saifedean book.I can't remember when I ask them to create a channel but today I've recognized them, got 4000 sat withdrawal

Fact: RUB and USD fiat pairs have the longest trade history on LocalBitcoins.

Double checked my data and script. Cant believe volumes in BTC are declining at such pace.

coin.dance provides data in USD and on weekly basis... I should do the same to ensure my data is correctly downloaded.

So, everybody preferred Bitcoins on OpenDime to 20 euro bills

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