First time ever see lambda in Cpp and it seems weird to me.

С++, half an hour lost due to missed iterator initialization int i = 0 inside other cycle. Working with keys never seemed so hard.

Putting latex doc build into default build process in TON is almost so stupid as downloading dependencies while building Ethereum client. These people missed the point of Bitcoin starting with very first steps.

Please, don't forward here your Twitter feed.

Somebody broadcasted Optech newsletter via Telegram lntxbot sats4ads feature. Amazing

Kinda can't focus when somebody with unsigned emails say me about Multiparty computation, IBM/Microsoft secure enclaves and zero-knowledge proofs in their custodianship service.

Bitcoin hashed thousand years of monetary history into 10 year sprint. It is wildly undervalued fact.

There is another reason why I do not understand complaints about black actors in "Chernobyl".

So, "Cherno" is literally "black" in Russian and "byl" is "being". The whole SJW problem actually appears very, very rasist in Russian language. I don't think SJWs realize this since they are quite often English supremacists.

So... I should find the cheapest smartphone ever with Android 8.1 only to prove that drone software can't work on Android 9 on powerful 64 bit Huawei. Thank you Google, thank you Huawei.

Spent a lot time for building an application for my DJI drone to work without DJI sowtfare. Finally, it runs on emulator. I really do not understand all these mess with Android Studio. I'm ready to by any phone able to onboard regular Linux.

"Chernobyl" is scary, without extra effects or unknown aliens and hungry beasts. Actually remembering things I have read in Svetlana Aleksyevich book. I bought small Geiger counter "Lapka" then. It has value since there are several nuclear reactors and waste-deposits in Moscow. Yes, commies have built everything here, in single most important city.

Fee selection is damn hard thing especially when there are three separate services and one makes it pretty good but situated damn pretty deep in the main architecture (Core client)

In recent months our start up hired even more nocoiners. CEO said they have experience in "crypto". One of them start selling his bitcoins from 4000 and still sells.

CEO: we build custodial exchange-oriented solution for numerous cryptoassets

Me: that's not crypto at all
Me: we need to set up a dish for receiving Bitcoin blocks offline. The law about internet traffic control passed legislation.

CEO: what's the business idea?

Unpopular opinion: for most users ZeroLink with high entrance amount will be wasteful since transactions before and after mixing will be less private due to consolidations and smaller everyday spends.

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@liberliver Swaps break the link on the blockchain so they make the job *much* harder for blockchain analysis than coinjoin.

Re: understanding scriptless scripts, you may find this blog I wrote a while back useful:

I haven't expected that looking for specific transaction pattern in Bitcoin blockchain could be such a complex task. In the same time the whole program is very little, less than 100 lines of code actually.

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