The Odroid XU4 has 8cores (4*2GHz and 4*1.3GHz) , 2GB DDR3 RAM, 2*USB3 + 1*USB2 ports, HDMI and GPIO. It runs perfect with the #RaspiBlitz on DietPi build
Plans are to test a HDMI screen and implement electrs to run a full electrum server on this node.

The address is 02a4c564af0f33795b438e8d76d2b5057c3dcd1115be144c3fc05e7c8c65486f23@valadbahwqsr6uxh.onion:9735
(for monitoring and testing, has no active channels yet)

The #RaspiBlitz on @DietPi_ is maturing to a major privacy machine. The Electrum Server in Rust from @roman_zeyde is serving the @ElectrumWallet perfectly from an Odroid XU4 and HC1. See this short script to make the setup quicker:

@openoms Thanks for your great work. Have you tried to run the latest Electrum with HW wallet support on a Raspberry Pi? It seems that your tutorial is only intended for x86_64 ?

I did that once. Trezors worked fine as part of multisig wallet. The setup was equipped with touchscreen display so it was the cheapest cold storage assembled using brand new components.


@liberliver @ledger I would really like to hear more about this. So it was a RasperryPi? Which OS distro you used? I presume then it was Electrum and the HW wallet plugin for Trezor. 7" Touchscreen to HDMI or GPIO?

Yes. It was old model of RPi without wifi. So pretty slow. Better to use latest model and solder out wifi antenna. Raspbian works good. I used offline package manager apt-offline to setup all I need for enabling hardware wallets support. Then Electrum portable version works good on airgapped device.

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