So... I should find the cheapest smartphone ever with Android 8.1 only to prove that drone software can't work on Android 9 on powerful 64 bit Huawei. Thank you Google, thank you Huawei.

Something less known for people from the West. In 90's when USSR just got collapsed we used Turbo chewing gum auto images as money substitute among children (see images in the blog post below). Parents were poor so an ability to buy chewing gum was strictly limited. Different cars on the images were valued differently (collectibles). We gambled them, we exchanged them, we collect them.

Just realized that this is the case of spontaneous creation of medium of exchange isn't that amazing?

Telegram Virtual Machine pdf document even more epic than Telegram Open Network whitepaper. However, it is more like re-invention of the wheel since design principle is very much like Bitcoin Script's one without exaggerated scientific lexicon.

Double checked my data and script. Cant believe volumes in BTC are declining at such pace. provides data in USD and on weekly basis... I should do the same to ensure my data is correctly downloaded.

The industry definitely has no standards about how to build Cold Storage.

Zimbabwe bids for bitcoins in dollars had maximum premium yesterday. 3X. We should say that it is just microscopic error in global LocalBitcoins volume but scanning across about 800 usd-denominated bid orders gives a picture of high demand for high volume deals.

I was curious about miners subsidy and plotted formula which adds rewards cumulatively if block empty (1 coinbase txn). Looks like Bitcoin grows organically pretty long time when cumulative subsidy in empty blocks lowered significantly due to halving and fees.

Network-to-transaction value goes down rapidly following the price. Bitcoin network returns to pre-hype state.

Diar writes about record exchanges ETH withdraw\deposits. Etherscan data shows clearly that outflow from major ICO accelerated sufficiently in two last November weeks. No surprises, obviously.

It is a bad graph. But the outflow intensity from major ICO addresses was 6 times higher last week than a month before when volatility was very low.

Underdeveloped countries with unpredictable monetary policy will by at any price.

When somebody nearby starts to talk about socialism just suggest him to go to Berlin Ostel, a DDR-style hostel in DDR-style neighborhood near Ost-Bahnhof.

Even if you don't like socialism (me too) it is place worth to visit in Berlin.

Soon nothing interesting will left to analyze on etherscan. Major ICO's ETH outflow. Project-by-project and cumulative.

Bitcoin 60-day volatility 1.82% which is lower than USD-Russian Ruble. Bitcoin is the currency of the thirds.

November 2018 3-ratios. Looks like network effect ration declines more and more. Fees just lowest.

This is very spectacular, because Bitcoin uses the same electricity buuut not in the cities where it is consumed more and more and probably supplied by coal power plants.

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