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2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer

Linux (or GNU plus Linux etc.) has its issues, but it has the following properties WHICH I CANNOT BELIEVE I CANNOT TAKE FOR GRANTED ON A PC OPERATING SYSTEM

- 10 seconds after I select "Shut Down", the PC is off
- 10 seconds after I turn the PC on, I have access to a usable interface
- 10 hours after I walk away from it, the PC is still running the same session with the same applications
- 10 months after installation, all the same applications still run on the PC

Content warnings are stupid 

I feel like I'm on a Christian Minecraft server

I'm looking for experienced #gamedev folks to be mentors for #TutorialJam. No hard skill requirements. If you think you might be able to help folks and you're willing to do so and you're not a jerk send me PM or DM or just talk to me however.

60 people have already signed up. I can't help that many people! 😅 #help!

Do you have lots of images to edit, but don't want to call ImageMagick?


$ gimp --batch -

This launches GIMP's builtin Lisp environment (TinyScheme), starts a REPL to read code from stdin, allowing powerful batch processing tasks.

Other language bindings are available, but Lisp is native. Documentation is available at Help -> Produce Browser in the main window.

Also useful if you just need Lisp, as most desktops already have one installed. Add --no-interface if you don't need GUI.

Hey, FPS game characters, HOLD ON TO YOUR FUCKING GUNS.

I want a superpower that allows me to annihilate any mosquito on the first try.

Extreme violence 

Wenk wenk wenk, wenk wenk, wenk! Wenk wenk. Wenk wenk! WENK!

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