It's almost 2019, and every application that wants to share stuff via "the cloud" must still implement support for each cloud provider separately, even though WebDAV has existed for over a decade.

In other words, "the cloud" is really just a lie told by people trying to trick you into handing over your precious files and locking yourself into their walled garden. If it ain't standards-based and interoperable, it's not "the" anything. It's "a" piece of shit.


Thank you for this reminder that WebDAV exists!

Wouldn't it be great if we re-introduced it to the world through the new Fediverse and Activity Pub tools people are building?

You can browse and download books from your Libreture library using any OPDS-compatible app. But adding books from third-party apps? I wonder if WebDav is the trick to help with that...


@libreture You may have seen posts by @nextcloud – their app provides self-hosted or service-hosted WebDav shares with all the bells and whistles you'd want of cloud storage.

For just adding books to your app from third party apps, WebDav might be overkill (a PUT/POST API is enough). But if you wanted to be able to manage eBook files (add, delete, move, rename) in a third-party app, WebDav might be what you want.



@gcupc @nextcloud @freakazoid

Thanks for that.

I've am ex-Nextcloud user (it got a bit too heavy-duty for my simple vCard/iCal syncing needs), but yes, I see what you mean.

I have 'API' on the Roadmap, so will stick to that. The idea of using common and mature standards tickles my need to avoid the 're-invent the wheel' scenario we sometimes see with new web applications.

Thanks for sense-checking!

@libreture @gcupc I've used Nextcloud for a while, but its performance is terrible (delete time depends on the total number of files you have), it doesn't support bidirectional sync on Android, it's written in PHP, and while it does support WebDAV (and CalDAV and CarDAV), it is still a monolith.

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