Top 10 Most Popular DRM-free Bookshops on Libreture this month:

- Kobo
- Faded Page
- Iron Circus Comix
- Argyll Publications
- Smashwords
- Standard Ebooks
- Fahrenheit Press
- NASA Books
- Comics Fu

Find details on these and more DRM-free Bookshops at:

@libreture @switchingsocial is there any shop from India. As the only place to buy ebooks I know is Amazon kindle store. Also buying ebooks from outside attracts a pretty heft import duty, this makes kindle far far more affordable. Enough to forget about DRM



Hi there,

I think Blaft publishing sell DRM-free e-books direct (included in the Bookshop list), but they have a limited selection.

I haven't come across any others so far, but will keep an eye out.


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