❓Did you know that Libreture sends over 300 visitors a month to indie & DRM-free bookshops?

It's part of my mission to support e-bookshops, many of which are publisher or author-owned and usually independent.

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@dublinux @libreture The site says "Book files are NEVER shared with others." What if I'm an author, and want to CC license the work for gratis distribution?

@resist1984 @dublinux

Good question.

Libreture is built to store e-books, rather than distribute them, but it may be worth looking at your request in other ways.

Like other authors, I could list your 'Bookshop' in our DRM-free Bookshop list - helping others find it.

Anyone who adds one of your books to Libreture could then list your book as being available from your site.


@resist1984 @dublinux

I've been working on the 'Add to Libreture' button. The button allows authors or bookshops to provide a link to readers that adds the book to their Libreture library.

Since you're not charging for your book, you could list it on your website, with an Add to Libreture button - helping readers to add it to their library. In turn, this helps others discover it too.


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