I started compiling my list of where to buy DRM-free ebooks in 2013.

Today, it includes 279 bookshops and was last updated on 17th of January, 2021.

Break free from the monopolies, and find your next favourite bookshop, ebook or author today!

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@libreture I appreciate your effort.
What’s your recommended way of reading them on phone, computer and of storing and/or syncing read position?

@pedro Thank you!

I use an ereader myself, so I haven't had huge experience with a lot of reading apps. I'd suggest starting by looking for ones that support page syncing, which I think is a tough issue to crack, and any other features you need (OPDS, maybe for downloading books from your Libreture account? :blobmiou: ).

There's a list of reading apps here:

@libreture Awesome! Can you add a filter to identify sources by language and/or country?


Hi Karl,

Thank you!

Good idea. I'm working on a number of additional filters, including country and language, and also things like formats, more types of books in a proper sub-list, etc.

I'm working on other elements of the site at the moment, but am looking forward to adding a lot more useful functionality to the bookshop list.

Thanks again,


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