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#2268 "Further Research is Needed" 

Further research is needed to fully understand how we managed to do such a good job.

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ROMAN SOLDIER: halt, strange person! where are you from?
TIME TRAVELER: i come from the future. what are your names?
ROMAN SOLDIER: my name is QUINTUS, as i am the fifth child in my family. my comrade is SEXTUS, for he was the sixth child in his family. what is your name?
ROMAN SOLDIER: [starts counting on his fingers as his eyes open in fear]

First book of 2020 completed. If you are interested on computer history this one is recommended

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Sol 392: Instrument Context Camera (ICC)

Taken on: 2020/01/03 11:59:04

Hoy iba tan pero tan pero tan dormido que puse la cafetera electrica encima de la vitro y entre que casi provoco un incendio debo haber chupao humo toxico como para perder 5 años de vida.

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Mi gato Orión es el jefe de subterfugio, el campeón del sigilo, el maestro de la distracción, el alfa y el omega del camuflaje.

Hoy estamos a 100 años del nacimiento del gran Isaac Asimov

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Com s'emplenen les línies de temps Inici, Local i Federada?
Com federa un servidor Mastodon?

He fet la versió #catalana del diagrama creat en anglès per @cassolotl


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You did not convice people that the Millenium started in 2001, you think you can convince them that the decade starts in 2021? 😂

Happy new year, mastodonians! May 2020 bring you less useless internet arguments! 🎊

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I think most importantly, I want to see the internet transition from a network of a few corporate giants to a network of thousands of small, well-connected organizations. Rather than sustainability via multibillion dollar corporation budgets, sustainablity via grassroots user-funded sources and low operational expenses. Cooperation over competition.

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I started the year rearranging all my cooking tools. It feels great to see everything like in an Ikea stock image, even if it is just once a year.


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