💬 We’ve done a lot in the last 10 years. To celebrate that, it’s AMA time!

@mb@twitter.com is on deck to answer your questions. Reply to this tweet and ask us about building apps, running a company, and everything in between.

@mb@twitter.com We’re working on something brand new that scratches one of our own itches at Lickability game nights.

If you’re a big board game player, and you’d like to be on the beta in the coming weeks, DM us your email! 💌


Every good book must come to an end. Unfortunately, for Quotebook that was the deprecation of our syncing technology, iCloud Core Data.

We wrote more about the decision here: blog.lickability.com/the-end-o


🤑 Amazing! And we have just the team to build it.

Find out more about how we approach building apps for clients on our website and contact us here when you’re ready: lickability.com/contact.


It’s an idea we learned from friends at Apple: pick a directly responsible individual. 🙋‍♀️

Collaboration on creative projects is crucial, but without one dedicated person to drive things forward, great ideas can languish.


It’s been a privilege. Our partners at @newyorker@twitter.com, @theatlantic@twitter.com, and our former teammates at @nytimes@twitter.com helped us learn so much about how great journalism and storytelling can add texture & nuance to readers’ understanding of the world. More to come. 📰


👅 Original logo: @amahnke@twitter.com
⭕️ Logomark: @sidoneill@twitter.com
🏢 Office: Megan Leet at @doitperf@twitter.com
👔 Shirt: @jcrew@twitter.com
📌 Pin: Gamut Pins
⌚️ Watch band: @apple@twitter.com Milanese Loop


Our goal is to stay small and focus on quality. I hope we’ll have grown the team, shipped more apps we’re proud of, and stayed up to date on the latest tech. But most of all, that we’ll still treat our customers and employees with respect and care. ❤️



Every. Single. Day. I’ve got it down to a science. 🥵

FYI: the name comes from a 2001 quote about the buttons in Mac OS X. See if you can track it down.


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Our first big client was @meetup@twitter.com in 2015 which we landed through a previous working relationship.

Nowadays, clients come from lots of places, but a majority of our business is still trusted referrals from folks that know the quality of our work. 🤝


🤩 Coolest part: Getting to play with and influence the design of apps that millions of people will use before they’re released.

😒 Most tedious: Protracted contract negotiations.



📈 Highest highs: Launching the first versions of @quotebookapp@twitter.com, @acceleratorapp@twitter.com, and @getpinpoint@twitter.com, every hire’s first day, and our new office.

📉 Lowest lows: Shuttering Quotebook, facing feelings of burnout, & building apps that never shipped.


Thanks for all your great questions and your decade of support!

Let’s do this again sometime. Logging off for now. 👋

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