Every week, one of our iOS devs shares a special tip in the engineering meeting. Here’s this week’s tip from @mliberatore@twitter.com:

Treat your Xcode search results as a to-do list and delete (⌫) results when you no longer need them.

Another tip from @mliberatore@twitter.com:

If you work on one project every day, you’re probably tired of cd-ing to that directory. Save keystrokes by adding "cd /project/directory/here" to your .bash_profile or .zshenv. Now, every new Terminal window and tab will start there!

This week’s tip is from @Cordavi@twitter.com:

It’s that time of the year again when your application certificates have expired. Did you know you can renew and export your new certificates directly from Xcode’s preferences?

Today’s tip is from @bcapps@twitter.com:

Use the 🔎 icon in Xcode’s Search Navigator to search for patterns like <Any>. Then, you copy and paste those patterns into the Replace field to do large, complex find and replace operations.

A good example might be making all your classes final. 💫

A testing tip from @bcapps@twitter.com:

If you use @pointfreeco@twitter.com’s SnapshotTesting library, you can see the images and diffs for failing tests right from within Xcode’s Log Navigator. They use a recent Xcode feature called Test Attachments, and it’s so handy. ✨



Today’s tip is from @mb@twitter.com about localization:

🌍 Ever forget to localize a string? Use Xcode’s Refactor → Wrap in NSLocalized String command to make localizing your UI copy a snap.

Right click on any string, run the command, add the comment, and you’re done. t.co/LroOb0fDsW

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@mb@twitter.com 📣 We’re back from holiday break with more ! This one is from our friend @gregheo@twitter.com and makes working on changes to big files much easier. twitter.com/gregheo/status/109

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