A testing tip from @bcapps@twitter.com:

If you use @pointfreeco@twitter.com’s SnapshotTesting library, you can see the images and diffs for failing tests right from within Xcode’s Log Navigator. They use a recent Xcode feature called Test Attachments, and it’s so handy. ✨


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Today’s tip is from @bcapps@twitter.com:

Use the 🔎 icon in Xcode’s Search Navigator to search for patterns like <Any>. Then, you copy and paste those patterns into the Replace field to do large, complex find and replace operations.

A good example might be making all your classes final. 💫

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Celebrating our @buildwatchapp@twitter.com launch with a team lunch! 🍝

This week’s tip is from @Cordavi@twitter.com:

It’s that time of the year again when your application certificates have expired. Did you know you can renew and export your new certificates directly from Xcode’s preferences?

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Another tip from @mliberatore@twitter.com:

If you work on one project every day, you’re probably tired of cd-ing to that directory. Save keystrokes by adding "cd /project/directory/here" to your .bash_profile or .zshenv. Now, every new Terminal window and tab will start there!

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Every week, one of our iOS devs shares a special tip in the engineering meeting. Here’s this week’s tip from @mliberatore@twitter.com:

Treat your Xcode search results as a to-do list and delete (⌫) results when you no longer need them.

👋✨ Say hello to our very first design intern, @samhenrigold@twitter.com! We’re happy to have you, Sam.

👕🎮 Here are the designs we used! Because we know you want to wear Lickability hoodies on your deserted islands.

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Some of the team got together to play and hang out with K.K. Slider today during lunch 😄🌱🎮

🎮🎉 It's company game night! We've been playing @jackboxgames@twitter.com on Discord lately to stay connected when we're WFH.

Here are a few of our favorites from last week's round of Quiplash. What should we play tonight?

This corner of our office has been getting a lot of love lately. 😷😅

If you haven’t already, consider setting up a self care station in your office! It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.

👚 shop.lickability.com 👕

Have you gotten a Lickability shirt from @cottonbureau@twitter.com yet? You know you want one. (They're super soft, 10/10!)

🗞🌟 Congrats to our friends at @TheAtlantic@twitter.com for getting App of the Day on the @AppStore@twitter.com this weekend! apps.apple.com/us/story/id1490

💫📱 We love seeing @TheAtlantic@twitter.com featured in the @AppStore@twitter.com!

Have you tried the iPad app yet? apps.apple.com/us/app/the-atla

👋 Our latest blog post got a shout-out in @iOSDevWeekly@twitter.com!

Thanks for the ❤️ iosdevweekly.com/issues/432#st

📱🛠 Need help building or updating your iOS app? We’re available!

Get in touch with our team of experienced Swift engineers to find out how we can help: lickability.com/contact

This week, @daisyr317@twitter.com became the 10th member of the Lickability team! We're so glad to have her here. 🎉🎉🎉

Hey @TheAtlantic@twitter.com you look good in the @AppStore@twitter.com today


✨👕 Our @cottonbureau@twitter.com shirts got an upgrade! You know you want one. (Bonus points if you send us a selfie of you wearing yours.)


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