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If your company uses, consider setting up donation rewards! This month, we turned our tacos into a donation to 🌮

Need some extra help getting your app ready for iOS 14? Adding widgets, creating app clips, and making sure everything runs smoothly on Big Sur—our team of experienced Swift engineers are standing by to help you out! 📩

👩‍💻 Still making your way through WWDC20 videos? We wrote about a few of our favorites.

🖥💫 We know you want to play around with the new Big Sur beta—so here’s how to do it without messing up your work computer 😉

🎞 Miss the feeling of watching videos in a room with other developers? We’re about to stream a few from yesterday together in our Discord.

💬 Getting excited for ?

Join us on the Lickability Discord all week long to watch talks together, chat about announcements, and hang out with new and old friends. All are welcome!

💬 Getting excited for ? Join us in the Lickability Discord all week long to watch talks together, chat about the announcements, and hang out with new and old friends. All are welcome!

📏 We’ve got a gift for you: here’s’s guide to using UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout to build complex layouts!

⏪ And if you missed the first two posts, or just want to revisit them, here they are 👇

✨ Understanding structural design patterns:

✨ Understanding behavioral design patterns:

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🆕 🔨 Today, we put up the third and final part in our series about understanding design patterns in iOS development. Here's's blog post about creational design patterns:

👋✨ Say hello to our very first design intern,! We’re happy to have you, Sam.

👕🎮 Here are the designs we used! Because we know you want to wear Lickability hoodies on your deserted islands.

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🍽 In the early days of the company, and used to invite folks to Lickability Lunches to get feedback on our apps. We’re really missing that these days, so snap a picture of what you’re eating for lunch today and send it to us—we want to see!

Some of the team got together to play and hang out with K.K. Slider today during lunch 😄🌱🎮

🎮🎉 It's company game night! We've been playing on Discord lately to stay connected when we're WFH.

Here are a few of our favorites from last week's round of Quiplash. What should we play tonight?

🛋️ Now that our whole team is working from home, we decided to upgrade our tools. Here’s the lowdown on what we’re using to work together while we’re apart:

💬 Brilliant words from "You have to expand your reach, expand your network, expand who you surround yourself with, the communities you’re volunteering with and mentoring."

Read the rest here 👉

📣 Part two of our Understanding Design Patterns series by is up on the blog today! Today, we're taking a look at a few behavioral design patterns:

🎨🖌️ Here's an app we've been loving lately: Drop is a beautiful color picker for macOS made by our pal

What apps are you into right now?

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