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installing pleroma's dependencies now...what even is "elixir", i haven't ever used it before

gotta look into this erlang / elixir ecosystem after doing this, it looks quite interesting

just doing the usual server hardening chores right now...disabling ssh for root, adding fail2ban, setting up a firewall, etc

i'm sure that using docker or something here must probably be easier, but I haven't learned to use containers properly yet, so whatever

alright, ive got a domain and a server...lets do this

hmm...i think i'll try launching a pleroma seems to be much smaller, and more broken than mastodon

i like broken software, it reminds me of me

thinking of hosting a mastodon or pleroma instance...any thoughts on which is to easier to setup, host, and maintain?

mastodon has a larger community and seems to have more features, but pleroma looks like it would be cheaper to host

this makes me wonder if anyone's written any like arch linux fanfic...i should probably stop thinking about this

you don't install arch linux, arch linux installs you

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iPads are generally pretty locked down, so its quite difficult to install Linux on is probably a lot easier to use a remote connection program like SSH or VNC from iOS to connect to a separate Linux machine when necessary

h o w t o b e c o o l:
w e a r s u n g l a s s e s
i n a d a r k r o o m
m a k i n g b a d v i d e o g a m e s

« A program in BIOS uses HTTP to fetch something. Can parse NTFS. Sets the run key to achieve execution at startup » @craiu
Did Samsung took the NSA's ANT catalog as a manual or what? 😳

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slept through another alarm today...why do i do this

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