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Hey everyone! My band, Beast Jesus, just released a compilation of everything we've done so far-- remastered, and free to stream/download. Check us out here:

FFO: Cave-In, Swervedriver, early Envy

Duterte signed the amendments to the Anti-Terror Bill into law, and who knows what this piece of shit could do with it? I've never known grief like this.

I recently got turned on to the idea of time blindness, and it's a real kick in the gut for me. The suffering really doesn't end lol.

I’m in chaz. despite the posts, it’s still here, still growing, still serving as a base for marches across the city. Idk


People who are vocally upset at GitHub changing the default branch name from "master" can fuck all the way off.


It is crucial to understand and make people understand that technology is a social relationship and not just an application of physical-mathematical principles.

It is contradictory when some tech-bros argue that terms in a programming language should not be changed because the language is not ‘human‘. It is because of its artificiality that changes won’t throw the whole thing over the top and everything will still function.

The request to change terms because of their connotations alone is too much ‘human’ huh?

CW: Major Depression/ADHD 

It's just one of those days, I guess. It doesn't really seem like I have much agency, and I find it hard to shake off the idea of being a burden or difficult to love.

No one deserves the trouble of having to deal with me, and the most I could do is to like, try my best to make things as uneventful as possible. But like, that's bare minimum human stuff, you know.

I'm not going to do anything crazy, but I really don't feel so good about life in the long run.

CW: Major Depression/ADHD 

ADHD always stands on the cusp of ruining things for me. It's exhausting having to live without a sense of time, or losing all composure when you need to queue tasks.

Lists aren't helping. Distraction-free phone launchers and app blockers aren't helping. I don't have access to my doctor thanks to COVID-19 and can't top my prescriptions up.

Performance at work is strained, and my partner's having a hard time managing this. Living gets to be incredibly inconvenient.

CW: Major Depression/ADHD 

I know I've made considerably progress throughout the year, but any bit of good I see in myself erodes when I get another depressive episode.

The inability to focus greatly compromises any likelihood of offsetting bad days with identifiable achievements.

It's just day after day after day. I know I'll make it through somehow, but the visceral sense of (perceived) failure looms tall, and I seem very small in comparison.

That's my paranoia talking though. It's also wholly plausible that this is a fit of targeted, opportunistic trolling levelled at the local internet music community. We don't know yet, but it's definitely sus af.

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Yesterday, it was the influx of dummy accounts under people's real names. Now, it's people attempting to infiltrate our communities.

Each day, it looks like there's a little more, but just enough for everyone to start suspecting. Is this not an act of terror by bodies which seek to suppress the country's youth?

As June 12, Philippine Independence Day draws closer, I could only imagine what other psyops or goofy schemes they could throw at us.

Fuck this.

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A sock account started adding people from the music, art, and meme communities. I accepted a friend request earlier, thinking it was someone I knew.

Turns out it was someone posing as a lurker on the internet who added random people. I made the mistake of giving one of my first names, when I asked them to identify themself.

Got really sketch vibes from the whole thing, so I had no choice but to unfriend. Turns out the others had similar experiences.

I've been getting chest pains from anxiety all day. This country is deadass committed to bringing the proverbial boot on its citizenry, and it fucking shows.

The Philippine government and/or their supporters are making dummy accounts with dissenters' names and using them to incite violence against the state so they could be charged under the country's impending amendments to the Anti-Terror Bill.

The bill passed the house, and is about to be signed into law by the president. If signed into law, this allows the state and law enforcement to charge people in a flippant disregard of existing free speech laws.

Please pass this on.

We live in different parts of the world.
We speak different languages.
But our struggle is the same.

The PH government is literally bombing/shelling lumad kids over the quarantine.

They spent Php 275b for fucking nothing. No mass testing. No crisis management plan. Nothing. Now the government's handing it off to the private sector while they're trying to open up the economy. What a fucking joke of a country.

How's everyone doing? Haven't been here in a long while, and I miss you.

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