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even if it were true that every socialist movement has objectively failed, if you see socialism as a politics of liberation, it wouldn't matter. it'd be like saying slave revolts always failed

had a dream that wutang clan was something to fuck with

listening. to music i recorded seven years ago. still sounds pretty good

I have a message ... Lieutenant Colonel John McCain's plane ... was shot down ... over Hell ... it spun in ... there were no survivors.

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there shall be no soup under socialism. the people demand, and shall have, stew

say what you will about the dope, but in dissing a dead john mccain, trump again demonstrates he's the only person in government who understands how to treat political opposition

well my 9th account has been banned from twitter

What happened before the big bang? Before time began? God was busy preparing a personal Hell for each of us

crying at how john mccain will have full arm mobility, in Hell

mr bean is very fortunate that british police don't carry firearms

hey yall where my gamers at (so i can block you)

getting extremely pissed of when anyone calls batman a "lil bitch"

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